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Monday, August 18, 2008

Blah blah The Olympics blah blah

I think I have acid reflux disease. And I found myself muttering under my breath yesterday about how good clothes are just way too expensive these days. Why do I feel like pretty soon I’m going to be wearing Depends and eating at Luby’s on a semi-regular basis? And here’s another question—would that really be so bad? Assuming Luby’s makes sure the mac & cheese doesn’t get cold, it would probably be a pretty enjoyable way to spend life. But anyway, I’ll move on.

We ended up making bbq chicken pizza for the Joiners this weekend (a recipe sent to us many moons ago by the Olivers), and it was pretty tasty. Only problem is that the bbq sauce was a tad spicy and I’m afraid that (combined with the 8 million times I ate out last week) set the alleged acid reflux into motion. Regardless, I survived to tell the tale so I won’t complain.

It has been raining here off and on for the past 3 days and I must say I am really enjoying it. I know everyone complained last summer when it rained more days than it didn’t, but I must say that anything that keeps the temps down is a-ok with me. I will say that the humidity that results from the on/off rain is stifling to say the least, but I’ll take it.

I went to get a pedicure with my sis-in-law this weekend—a treat I only allow myself a couple of times a year—and it was pretty wonderful. It really doesn’t take much to make a pedicure wonderful for me, sadly. They could just let me sit there with my feet in the hot water for an hour and I’d leave pleased. But they went several steps further and topped it all of with a nice shiny coat of OPI’s “Cajun Shrimp”—how appropriate considering my recent trip to the Cajun holy land, aka: the swamps of Louisiana.

Also, while we were getting our pedicures and chatting about life’s most important issues (Chi Omega and Shannon’s summer adventures at camp), we noticed something amazing on tv—a trampoline competition in the Olympics! Granted, I think it’s a little silly that an event involving trampolines is considered an Olympic sport, but I can’t deny that it’s entertaining. Not quite as entertaining as watching the beach volleyball girls prance around in their underwear (count me out of that one, please) or the underaged Chinese gymnasts, but it comes close.

(And by the way, I dare you to read a blog or news article that doesn’t discuss the Olympics these days. It’s like uncontrollable verbal vomit. Guilty as charged.)

And speaking of the Olympics, does anyone else think it’s a pretty bold move for “The Hills” to air their season premier tonight? I’m not saying I won’t be watching it, but still, it’s a very gutsy move considering everyone has been glued to the tv screens watching the Olympics like it’s crack. But let’s be honest, sometimes LC and Heidi are just more interesting than watching men race each other in circles around a track. Because unlike with sports, catching a re-cap of “The Hills” still doesn’t tell the whole story. (Side note: my husband will argue that this statement is not true, and that it is, in fact, necessary to watch a sporting event in its entirety. But I will stand by my opinion that knowing the final score is just as good.) (Side side note: I am just declaring this opinion to be stubborn and get a rise out of my husband.)

By the way, we failed to do anything really townie this weekend. We did attend the Kenny Chesney concert (and left before he actually went on stage), but unless you count walking through the ghetto to get to Pappasitos as a townie event, then we failed to move forward in our townie quest. We might need to hit up Richmond Coffee Station (“RCS” if you’re a local) this week to make up for it. I’ll keep you posted.


Angela said...

Well, I didn't read your post before I just wrote mine (which is totally and completely about the Olympics by the way) but it's been bothering me so much that I probably would have written it anyway. :)

brian joiner said...

and a rise you have gotten! just seeing the final score is not anywhere near as good as seeing the whole game... unless your team is getting blown out.

Bonnie said...

Well I'm just glad someone else agrees with me on the beach volleyball ladies running around in their underwear. Who does that for real? Oh and YES the only thing that matters is the final score. Thank you.

Mary Helen said...

I got a pedicure last weekend and got Cajun Shrimp on my toes, too! That is so funny. I bet your feet look fabulous. I am with you on the Olympics. I listened to the gymnastics results last night before they actually aired.