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Monday, August 4, 2008

366 days later...

Ok so I feel like I just blinked and all of a sudden a whole year went by… isn’t it crazy how some phases in life just seem to drag along, and others just fly right by? Today marks exactly 366 days (hooray for Leap Year!) since Brian and I got hitched. So much has happened since then, but I would swear that it was just yesterday that we were standing at the front of the church, whispering jokes that we only later discovered were all recorded by our wedding videographer :o).

In the last year, we have experienced many transitions together: a new house in a new town (new to me anyway), new jobs for both of us, a new church (new to me anyway), sharing a living space for the first time, new dogs, and many more. There have been some moments that have made me a little bit crazy (ie: when our washing machine temporarily flooded part of the kitchen, Brian’s lovely habit of leaving the shower head on, and my seemingly endless job search), but I wouldn’t trade a single one of them. And don’t get me wrong, there have also been plenty of moments where I have thought to myself, “How did I ever survive life without him (Brian)?” (ie: when our washing machine temporarily flooded part of the kitchen, the intruder (aka: the picture frame that fell) in the middle of the night, and every time I’ve watched an episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” and had someone to share it with).

If you aren’t married, I highly recommend it. And if you are married, I hope and pray that marriage has been as much of a joy (even in its frustrating moments) for you as it has been for us. And now, rather than do a repeat of reasons why I love Brian (because I do!), I’m instead going to share the top 10 things I love the most about being married. I tried to keep it as minimally sappy as possible!:

1. ALWAYS having someone to talk to. Because I grew up with an identical twin who was at my side at all times, this was huge for me. He is not only someone to talk to, but also someone to accompany me to the grocery store, to walk the dogs with me, to eat dinner with me, etc. It’s a real dream come true if you are insecure and/or have social anxiety issues- ha ha!

2. An excuse not to have any weekend plans. Even if we have no plans at all, saying, “Brian and I are just going to hang out- probably go out to eat or something,” sounds way cooler than, “I’m going to sit at home and play on facebook by myself while watching countless episodes of ‘Law and Order.’”

3. The motivation to learn how to cook! I’m no expert, but having a hungry husband certainly has taught me how to throw a few things together.

4. It’s cost-efficient! Ha ha lame, but true. Not that we pay rent, but if we did, it would be half the cost! And plus, none of my milk ever goes to waste because there is always someone else there to drink it.

5. Wedding presents. I think the wedding registry was the best invention ever. If it weren’t for our gift registry, we would still be eating off of Brian’s hand-me-down Texas-themed plates (and no, Terrie, there is nothing wrong with those plates! :o)

6. A permanent date! Except when he is out of town, I never have to worry about who I am going to take to weddings, or really to anything for that matter. And he is the perfect date- he doesn’t require babysitting, and always offers to go with me for my second (or 10th) trip to get more cheese cubes from the buffet.

7. A built-in bed warmer. Sometimes this can be a problem (for example, when it’s August in Houston), but in the winter (especially when we couldn’t figure out how to work our heater), having that extra body in the bed was a huge help!

8. A travel companion. For some reason, now that I’m married, I want to go on trips all the time. I guess it’s because now I know I have someone who will enjoy doing the same things (for the most part) and will share the cost of a hotel room with me :o).

9. A view of myself that I never saw before. If you want to get to know yourself better, get married! I have learned a lot about myself in the past year… including how selfish I can be! But it really is fun to see myself through Brian’s eyes, and to see life from his perspective... even if it is often drastically different from my own.

10. A best friend. Brian is someone who knows just about everything about me, and loves me just the same. That is a rare thing to find!

So cheers to one year of marriage, and cheers to many more to come! I love you, Brian!


Brian Joiner said...

I totally agree with all of those reasons! Happy Anniversary wifey!

The Olivers said...

I just threw up in my mouth a little bit... but happy anniversary anyway!

Stacey said...

yeah...definitely sappy but also sweet. happy anniversary.

Lorne said...

I got married once...

and it's da BOMB!

* <-- Lit Fuse!
| |
| Bomb |
|_ _|

Lorne said...

Ouch... my ascii-art bomb got totally mangled by the serif font :(

Sorry, yo. Marriage is still awesome!

Terrie said...

Hey, those Texas flag dishes were compliments of some Ford dealership door prize! I did not and would not ever have bought them. It was just nice to be able to hand them off to a needy son and his lovely apartment. I really thought they completed the place, didn't you? :)
I agree, this year did fly by and marriage is great, even after 29 years! I hope you two had a wonderful anniversary and here's to many more! Love you!

Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

not that kind of diamond ring.. I should have been more specific as Ive gotten lots of questions, but you guys would all know if it was THAT kind of ring =)

Congrats on the anniversary!

Angela said...

Congratulations! Your dress is beautiful!!

Risa Holland said...

My declaration of the summer: if I'm not married by 30, I'm registering anyway! Love the post...and I love the Joiners!

Sean, Stephanie and Hattie said...

Happy Anniversary! Love the pics. You were a beautiful bride, and that cake looks awesome!!!!!