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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A way with words

So I recently had a conversation with someone in which he informed me that his relationship with a female that he worked with was “strictly plutonic.” Oh really? Because I looked up “plutonic” on and the definition was as follows: noting or pertaining to a class of igneous rocks that have solidified far below the earth's surface. Wow! That is some kind of friendship! It took a lot of self-restraint not for me to correct him and tell him that the correct term was “platonic”… such is the life of a grammar freak.

And before I move on from that topic, I have to tell a sad/funny story. Once, when I asked a person to describe himself in 3 words or less, he used the word “self-defecating.” I tried really hard not to laugh—because he was very likeable—but the fact that instead of saying he was self-deprecating (implying that he was humble), he had just informed me that he poops in his pants. YOU try keeping a straight face in that situation.

Brian has left town yet again for a week-long mission trip with 10 of the youth group kids. While he is building houses, sleeping in tents, and hanging out with high schoolers, I am watching obsessive amounts of HGTV, playing (ok, stalking) on facebook, and eating a lot of chocolate. But let’s be honest, that’s how I spend my time even when he is home.

I have been trying to think of other productive ways to spend my time, but amazingly enough, there is really nothing waiting on my to do list currently. It kind of makes me miss the days of wedding planning when every waking hour outside of work was filled with editing the programs, updating the wedding website, writing thank you notes, and daydreaming about our honeymoon. And then I remember that I came down with the most ridiculous case of the hives that covered my ENTIRE BODY (yes, including my eye lids) as a result of all of the stress that came with the planning, and I am suddenly overwhelmingly thankful that I have nothing to do.

Speaking of weddings, I get to go to 2 of them this weekend—both for high school friends. I am excited for these brides-to-be (and their husbands, of course), but also equally excited for some mini-WHS reunions. I can almost guarantee that I will break out in the fight song at some point (“Fight the team across the field, show them that Westlake’s here…”), especially because Brian won’t be there to put his hand over my mouth and stop me from further embarrassing myself.

I am not, however, excited to go date-less to both weddings. Fortunately, Allison and Wade will also be attending, so it’s not like I have to show up alone (because that would suck), but still. The funny thing is that Allison is a bridesmaid in the wedding on Friday night, so Wade and I are planning to arrive together. I’m sure that will result in some confusion, but that’s part of the fun in being a twin, so I’m just going to roll with it.

By the way, you should all be very proud of me because I did something very out of the norm today: even though I brought my lunch from home, I didn’t eat it, but instead went out to lunch with some peeps from work. Yes, I said peeps. We went to Cupcake Café, and there was no way that I was going to turn down a meal that comes with a CUPCAKE for my typical turkey sandwich, apple, and chips combo meal (and let’s not forget the dark chocolate Hershey’s kiss that comes with it). Don’t worry, I am planning on eating that tomorrow, so it will not go to waste!

This act of spontaneity proved well worth it as my vanilla cupcake was life-alteringly amazing. And let’s please ignore the fact that for my meal, I ordered a turkey wrap and chips. Please, just save the comments about how pathetic I am. I was born this way, people.

And because it’s been a while, I will close with a Richmond fun fact:

The cockroach population in the city of Richmond is estimated at 8.38 BILLION, 8.37 billion of which used to reside, currently reside, or will at some point reside at my house. Ok I made that up. Here is the real fun fact:

If you go to this website, you can find lots of basic facts about my fair town of Richmond. There is a section that provides some stats regarding Oak Bend Medical Center, our local hospital. One line reads: “Skilled Nursing Unit: Yes.” Um… is having skilled nurses at a hospital an option? Is there an unskilled nursing unit in some hospitals? And how much would it stink to be stuck in their section?


The Olivers said...

husband stealer!

Kelly and Andrew said...

i just laughed a lot about "self defecating" hahahahahahaaaaaaaa how do you keep a straight face??

Risa said...

The self-defecating comment reminded me of our convo last night about someone being humble...perhaps it's the same person. Too funny.

Lauren & Zack said...

haha i love your blog! you always make me laugh :) and i love the "self-defecating" thing...too funny!

The Joiners said...

Thanks, Lauren! And thankfully, Risa, it is not the same person... but that would have been pretty amusing if it was :)

The Joiners said...

Thanks, Lauren! And thankfully, Risa, it is not the same person... but that would have been pretty amusing if it was :)