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Friday, July 11, 2008

A blog-worthy series of events

Ok bear with me because my head is so full of potential blogging material that it might explode!

First of all, Shannon (my wonderful sis-in-law) got me this amazing t-shirt on a recent trip to Maine. The city listed above the word "townie" is Camden, ME... not quite Richmond, TX, but I'll take it! I plan on wearing it often, and may even make it my staple outfit for shopping at Walmart.

Secondly, Buster has turned into Houdini. He has escaped from the backyard 6+ times in the past week. Brian spent more than one evening perched by the window facing the backyard to determine where Buster was getting out. After catching him sneak out of one part of the fence, Brian patched it up only to find that he escaped out of a different part the next morning.

Because Brian is going out of town next week, we decided we needed a quick and permanent solution to this problem: an electric fence. I know, I know, it seems a little cruel. But we are thinking of it as tough love. So we hopped in the car last night and made a trip to the ULTIMATE townie establishment: the Tractor Supply store. It was an entire store devoted to horse antibiotics, tractors (duh), viles in which to store animal urine, and clothing. Yes, clothing. Pink John Deere socks and a plethora of jorts in all shapes and sizes. It was a sight to behold.

Anyway, we bought all the supplies needed to get the fence up and going and headed home to get to work. I assisted Brian by taking a few swings with the hammer and that was about it. I tried to be helpful, but let's face it, I'm a girl and serve better as a cheerleader than a fence-constructor. So an hour or so later, the fence was up and running. At the time, one of our neighbors was outside chatting with us about our new contraption. When Brian flipped on the power, he yelled to us that it was live. However, Buster was leaning up against it and nothing was happening. So our poor neighbor reached down to touch it and after yanking his hand away, declared that the fence, was, in fact functioning just fine. Nothing makes your neighbors like you quite like shocking the crap out of them with a wire.

Buster was the next unfortunate soul to test out the fence... Brian "gently" shoved him into it to make sure it worked, justifying it by saying that since Buster is the reason we are getting the fence, he should be the one to serve as the test subject. Buster yelped accordingly and ran away for dear life, fairly convinced that Brian had delivered the shock. We have since only heard 2 yelps from the backyard (both from Buster... apparently Noah is the smarter dog these days), so we're hoping they get the idea. We'll be saying our prayers that this keeps the dogs from getting out, and that we don't end up with an array of electrocuted squirrels strewn about in the backyard... although Noah the Squirrel Whisperer would probably love that.

And by the way, I'm kidding about the electrocution- the fence can't injure the animals- just shock them a bit! And while it is very sad to watch them learn how the fence works, we can't help but laugh a little. Is that horrible?

And lastly, but certainly not least, we came home to a surprise on our front porch this afternoon that just might be the pinnacle of my townie experience. Here is what we saw:

Yes, readers, we had a yard bird in our yard! It was clucking and trying desperately to get away from us. Meanwhile, I was acting like the newest member of the paparazzi and took about 80 million pictures of him before I was satisfied and agreed to come back inside. Brian served as my faithful assistant by cornering the bird in attempts to get him to come out of the bushes and pose for the camera. We didn't have a lot of luck, as you might guess from the pictures. Guess it's time for a new assistant :)

I wanted to close with a video I took of the little guy, but for some reason both and youtube are completely unwilling to cooperate with me at this time. Maybe another day. Anyway, welcome to Richmond.


the cole family: said...

come visit us at the farm and david can give you guys some chicken-catching advice :)

The Olivers said...

How's BYB doing?

Procopia said...

Great work.