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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Stop being a loser.

So I opened up my spam inbox in gmail yesterday in order to delete its contents and saw an e-mail staring back at me with that very subject line (“Stop being a loser”). If they were planning on getting my attention, it worked. If they were planning on having me open the e-mail, it didn’t work. Now if it had said something like, “Stop being so awesome,” then it might have been a different story.

So guess what was lying dead in the lobby of my department at work yesterday? No, not a person—a cockroach! They are FOLLOWING ME, people. They must have picked up on my scent or something (do cockroaches have noses?). I should also share that while Allison was visiting me this weekend, I found a live one scurrying on top of the trash in my bathroom trash can. I screamed for her assistance, and she came bravely in and asked for a shoe. I gave her one (Brian’s, of course) and she tried several times to smush the little guy. Upon realizing that he was too quick for her to catch, she quickly tied up the trash bag tightly and we took him outside to the trash can, where he hopefully suffocated and then died. Do you think maybe I should have called this blog “Cockroach Diaries”? Just a thought.

Brian is back from his trip now and I am definitely thankful to have him home… who else is going to rub my feet and fill up my water bottle at night? Kidding, I am thankful to have him home because I missed him! And I found that I get lonely very easily. After Allison left on Saturday to head back to Austin, I literally sat in the same spot on my couch for about 8 hours watching tv, getting up only to go to the bathroom and eat. I even turned on our wedding video at one point, and realized how pathetic it was that I was home alone watching our wedding video on a Saturday night. But such is life when you are a newlywed with not a lot of friends in the area and a husband who is out of town, right? I only cried in self-pity a tiny bit, and again, I blame the hormones.

Anyway, Brian and I spent all day Sunday together to catch up on all the bonding time we had missed out on. And through our day together, I discovered 2 things that I really enjoy that I might not have ventured to explore were I not a townie:

1. Dollar stores: Sure they are kind of trashy and you feel like you need to take a bath the instant you leave, but you can get some great deals there! Brian found a garden hoe (not to be confused with a garden ho, which would be a promiscuous woman with a green thumb) for (duh) a dollar, and you would have thought he discovered the wheel. The issue of whether or not we need one is irrelevant (Brian insists that we most definitely do), but the fact that it only costs a dollar makes it so much more appealing. They were also selling bottles of water for 25 cents each! 4 bottles of water for only a dollar! That is a STEAL! (unless you consider the fact that tap water from your own house is free)

2. Star Cinema Grill: This is a theater, much like Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, where you can order food (like at a restaurant) while watching a movie. This particular theater is, again, kind of trashy, and again, you feel like you need to take a bath the instant that you leave. However, it was recently renovated and the food is fairly cheap! But most importantly, they are running a summer special where ALL shows are only $3. THREE DOLLARS. That means that Brian and I can see a movie together for less than what it costs for one of us to see a movie alone most places.

And as a side note, we also found ourselves benefiting from their less than stellar customer service. We ordered a large popcorn (because we are fat kids who support America’s rising obesity rate) and after no sign of the “waitress” in 30 minutes, Brian decided to get up and go get it himself. They politely informed him that they had simply forgotten about our order, and as such, it was free! So please note that we got 2 movie tickets and a large popcorn for a total of $6. You’re jealous, I know.

And so, Richmond, I am thankful to you yet again for showing me your townie ways. What would I ever do without you? (Besides have to bathe less after leaving public places and kill fewer cockroaches)?

P.S.- Apparently this is my 100th blog entry- what an exciting milestone! Looks like it's time to add a page to the scrapbook...


Brittany said...

Haha - your first paragraph made me laugh out loud at work. It also then forced me to clean out my spam, during which I found my version of that email entitled "What A Stupid Face You Have Here Brittany.Ernst". (I was checking my old email with my maiden name). Just thought I'd let you know that you're not the only one being insulted in your gmail. :)

Have a great week!
-Brittany Coleman

Anonymous said...

Love your blog. I am a mid 30 something with two kids so we have nothing in common.:) Love hearing your thought on being a newlywed, that was a long 12 years ago for me..... Glad your sister is back in Texas where she belongs!

Rachel said...

Snore. You are so boring! I'm so glad I live in New York City where I don't have to be surrounded by such boring, mediocre, unattractive married people who blog about snack foods and dollar stores! Blah!

Terrie said...

This is for "Rachel". What a poor, pitiful, pathetic person you are! I am so sorry that you don't have anything better to do in New York City than to read strangers blogs and then to feel compelled to leave mean, hateful comments. It is obvious you, my dear girl, did not benefit from being raised in the south where we teach our children right from wrong and naughty from nice. If you can't say something nice, keep your comments to yourself, and all of us down here thank the good Lord you are so far away!

The Joiners said...

Ha ha don't y'all just love my mother-in-law? Me too :)