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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Shorty wanna thug

Have y’all heard that "Lollipop song"? It is permanently stuck in my head, along with the lyrics to “Low” (“apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur…”). I think there should be a self-help group for this kind of problem.

Well it’s Tuesday and for some reason it’s feeling more like a Monday—I am just dragging today, people. I felt like I was carrying 10 extra pounds on my work-out this morning (and due to this past weekend’s binge eating, maybe I was), and the fact that the YMCA decided that 80 degree weather at 5 am did not warrant the use of air conditioning didn’t help. So here I sit in my cubicle, tired, a little bit sore from yesterday’s usage of my new “Biggest Loser” work-out DVD, and wondering how on earth it is possible that I have only been at work for 80 minutes when it feels like eternity.

As many of you know, Allison’s last day at work was on Friday, and she is spending this week packing/moving to Texas. I am obviously very excited about this for several reasons, but since she is busy with pre-moving preparations, she is not available to e-mail me hourly, and thus I am adding boredom to my list of ailments this morning. But all things considered, I am still in a good mood!

The birthday weekend was wonderful, and thank you to all who e-mailed, texted, facebooked, and called. To those of you who forgot, better luck next year :o) Brian planned a “very townie birthday” for me on Saturday, and it was indeed the pinnacle of our quest for townie-hood thus far. The day’s itinerary went as follows (and for those of you who are as obsessed with food as I am, I have included what I ate throughout the day):

7:30 am—went for a run with my new running shoes and ipod (b-day presents courtesy of my parents)
8:15 am—went to breakfast at Richmond Coffee Station with Brian (“very berry” smoothie and half a blueberry muffin)
9 am-12 pm—showered, got ready for the day, responded to facebook wall posts, waiting for Brian to finish up something at the church, played Mario Kart
12 pm-1 pm—“surprise” lunch at Sandy McGee’s with my mother-in-law, Camille (priest’s wife), and the Scibas (half a turkey sandwich and a side of fruit salad… plus 8 million of their little toasted bread things)
1 pm-2 pm—townie photo shoot! I don’t have any of the pics on this computer, but trust me when I say that we hit some of Richmond’s hot spots and Brian acted like I was auditioning for America’s Next Top (Townie) Model
2 pm-3:30 pm—shopping around town
3:30 pm-5:30 pm—snow cones and hanging out with Shannon (cherry vanilla was my flavor of choice); this is also when Brian gave me my b-day present—new patio furniture complete with tiki torches (note: “tiki” is an extremely irritating word)! Now we can have cook-outs, so please come visit :)
6 pm-7 pm—dinner at Italian Maid (again, I ate a lot of bread before the meal; for dinner I had pesto chicken and vegetables)
7 pm-9 pm—a trip to the observatory at Brazos Bend State Park… we saw Mars! (it was a microscopic red dot)
9 pm—ended the night with a bang by eating left-over cookies (courtesy of Terrie!) and going to bed… we are old and married, I know.

And that’s pretty much my townie birthday in a nutshell! I am looking forward to re-celebrating with my sissy this weekend when I help her and Wade get settled in their new apartment in Austin. A trip to Hula Hut is on the itinerary and I am already salivating just thinking about the chips I will be eating… is that sad?


Brian Joiner said...

my favorite line from the song is "call me so I can get it juicy for ya". I know you probably don't like the word juicy though.

The Joiners said...

"Juicy" is way easier to handle than "tiki"! Ahh it makes me want to scream just typing it!

slc newlyweds said...

Are your tiki torches juicy?

Brian Joiner said...

yes the torches are full of juice...

Beth said...

Another song to get stuck in your head ... "Sexy can I..." Quality.