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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Juicy tiki torches

Am I the only one tempted to punch myself in the face after reading that phrase? Thank you to Brian and Allison for giving me a title for this post. Not much has changed since I wrote today’s earlier entry about 7.5 hours ago, unless you consider the day moving at an even more painfully slow glacial pace a change.

If you’re like me, then boredom inevitably leads to eating. It is shocking to me that my body can so easily confuse the concept of hunger and that of boredom, but it literally happens all the time. I ate my afternoon snack at 2:45 pm… a good 45 minutes earlier than my designated afternoon snack time simply because I have nothing going on. And by the time 4 pm rolled around, I was so bored/hungry (hard to say which at this point) that I had (yes, had) to go upstairs to the vending machine and get another snack. Since I know you are curious, the snack I chose was BBQ Baked Lay’s. What a great snack for someone who conducts interviews all day to eat, right? I am fairly certain that I can’t get the smell of those chips out of my breath or off of my hands without some serious bathing (and unfortunately my work place doesn’t offer that service), so any unfortunate applicants that have to talk with me will just have to deal with it.

Some unfortunate news—my hubby will be abandoning me to go run a camp next week, so I will be spending an entire week alone in our house. I guess I won’t be completely alone since Noah and Buster will be there, but I can imagine what kind of protection they would offer should something go wrong: Intruder enters back door through the alley. Dogs go crazy and are poised to attack. Squirrel runs by and dogs are instantly and permanently distracted. Intruder breaks in and kidnaps me. The end.

But seriously, I will feel much better knowing that my two furry friends will be keeping me company in my time at home alone, because I am admittedly still somewhat of a scared-y cat. I don’t particularly mind the dark as long as Brian is around, but I regress to 4-year-old behavior when he is gone… as in, I will leap from the floor to my bed so as to avoid the monster that might grab my ankles from under the bed. That’s rational, right?

So if I suddenly and mysteriously stop updating my blog some time next week, please assume I have been abducted and call the authorities. Thanks. :)


Angela said...

I also hate the word "juicy"...and the word "dollop." That sour cream commercial - "dollop of Daisy" - makes me shudder!!!

Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

I will assume you have been eaten by a roach

Lauren & Zack said...

I so eat whenever I'm bored! I'm like "hmm nothing to do..ohh eating sounds fun!" So sad, but yet so fun. :)