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Monday, June 30, 2008

I’m only happy when it rains

Do you remember that song? It was kind of altie, but I liked it. And for those of you too young to use the term “altie,” let’s just refer to it as emo. And I more commonly refer to songs like that as “mad at my dad” songs. Moving right along…

I have found something that I (GASP) really enjoy about Houston: summer afternoon thunderstorms. I might not be so pleased about this if I was young and trying to enjoy my summers getting a tan or playing outside. Fortunately I am locked up in my padded prison cell until well after tanning time has come and gone, so the thunderstorms are not so much an interruption to my day as they are added entertainment. I am fortunate enough to sit near a window, so it’s kind of nice to watch the clouds roll in and the wind picks up as the rain comes our way. I know that summer storms are not just a Houston thing, but they seem to arrive almost like clockwork here, and I have taken notice.

This weekend really wasn’t much to blog about, although we did get a lot of rest and spend a lot of time together, so that was a plus. We learned how to play Mexican Canasta with our priest and his wife on Friday night and a good time was had by all. Brian and I are big into playing games, so if you’re ever feeling competitive, please let us know and we would be happy to beat you, er, I mean play you in a game. We especially enjoy Mexican Train (not all of the games we play sound so racially discriminatory, I promise) on dominoes and ERS with cards. But beware, sometimes game-playing doesn’t bring out our sweet and friendly sides.

This week, however, IS something to blog about, as I only have 3 days of work. Yep, my employer is kindly giving those of us in the corporate office July 3rd and 4th off from work. It will be a much needed 4-day weekend, and I am excited to report that Allison and Wade will be coming to Richmond to visit us! We have big plans that include attempting to show Allison and Wade that our area has more to offer than shady Mexican food and dollar stores. We will also be cooking out with our friends, the Scibas, on July 4th, and hopefully catching the nearby fireworks show.

In random townie news, there is a bullfight in Rosenberg on Saturday. I kid you not, it is a legitimate bull fight. Thankfully, the difference is that they won’t kill the bulls after it’s all over. It costs $15 and is held at the Fort Bend County Fairgrounds. If you don’t believe me, go here to read more. Brian insists that nothing cool ever happens in Rich-Rose, and that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity that he must take advantage of. And if Wade decides that spending $15 to watch a bull fight in the nasty carnie-grounds on a warm Saturday afternoon sounds like a fun idea, then the two of them might go together while Allison and I do something else. Anything else.

That's all for now... just 2 more days and 24 more minutes left of my work week- hooray!


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Lauren & Zack said...

Yay! How lucky for you to only have a three day workweek! Wish I did. And, I know what you mean about the thunderstorms. I generally hate them, but lately when I'm cooped up inside during the day, I love them! Have fun with your sister this weekend!

Angela said...

I also only have a 3 day work week...and since today is Tuesday...that means only one more day plus 266 minutes for me!! :)

Dad said...

What's this "mad at my dad" business?

Your Dad