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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

How do I live without you?

The following were the top 3 (and only) news headlines listed under a link to on my igoogle home page:

"Obama reaches historic milestone"
"Obama's potential running mates"
"Obama shows strong in Montana"

Um, seriously? There is nothing more exciting/interesting going on to even make it into the top 3? Lame. But I guess that’s what I have to look forward to reading on the news for the next 5-6 months. Boo.

Allison and Wade are en route to Texas now, and when I last spoke to her on the phone, they had just finished driving through snow. SNOW. White frozen precipitation. Meanwhile I feel my skin melting every time I walk outdoors, and have to use miscellaneous items to help me maneuver my steering wheel when I first get in the car for fear that touching it will cause me to instantly light on fire. It is simply amazing to me that there could be snow falling in any part of the world right now while we are enduring such heat. How self-centered am I?

Anyway, while I am obviously very excited to have the Olivers back in our time zone, I do feel sorry for them having to leave their friends and glorious weather. I know it was hotter there last summer than it was here in Texas (due to rain-fest 2007), but it’s not looking like it’s going to be a wet and/or cool summer here in the Lone Star State, so I have a feeling they are going to be kicking themselves for leaving. Oh well, too late now, right sis?

As I am preparing (mentally) for Brian to leave next week, there are a few issues that I am having to sort out:

Issue # 1: What on earth am I supposed to do if I see a cockroach in the house? With our recent track record, it is likely that I will spot at least 2-3 of them in a 5-day period. I have a hard enough time looking at them, let alone killing them, so I’m thinking that Brian will arrive home from camp to find a few upside down cups around the house where I have strategically trapped the little intruders. But part of me thinks that if roaches can fly, surely they are strong enough to knock over a cup. If I’m convinced that one can be resurrected from the dead and climb out of the toilet, then believing that one can escape from a cup is not too far-fetched in my line of thinking.

Issue # 2: How am I supposed to re-fill the dogs’ water bowls multiple times a day? I like to think of myself as being in fairly good shape, but for some reason the act of squatting down to the water spout, turning it on with one hand and holding the bowl full of water with the other, and then managing to stand back up and walk over to where the bowl sits without spilling it is a HUGE challenge for me. And I am supposed to do this at least twice a day? How pathetic am I that this is a concern to me?

The good news is that the house will stay clean (Brian makes a great effort, but he occasionally leaves a pair of shoes out or crumbs on the counter), and I can get ready with the lights on (!!!) and the tv on (!!!). As you can plainly see, I am very co-dependent, so this trip he’s taking will be good preparation for the TWO trips he will be taking without me in July. My life is so hard :)


Ellen and Bill said...


Ellen, Kimmie's aunt here. Go to Wal-Mart, buy a pitcher for $1.97. Fill the pitcher up and then pour it in the dogs bowls! That's what I do with the water for the deer, because I'm not carrying the bowls.

Angela said...

Use a bowl to trap the roaches instead of a cup. A bowl is a lot harder to flip over :)

The Joiners said...

We thankfully already have a pitcher, so I could just use that- which I have before, so maybe that's my best bet! And good thing with the roach-trapping bowls... I'm sure Brian can't wait to come home to that!

DSneezy said...

I love the upside down cups. That's my strategy too, but we never get COCKROACHES! sheesh... do you really think even I would get used to those!? :)

Anonymous said...

Why not nuke them with RAID or a similar spray? Or, smush them with a heavy object and use one of your 97 wedding gift kitchen spatulas to scrape it up and throw it away? I'm sure you'll survive.