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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Building character

So today we are getting our bathtub re-done and I could not be more excited! Our house has been around for a good 50 + years, and there are few places in the house where its age is more evident than in our “master” bathtub (unless, of course, you count the giant monstrosity in the kitchen that allegedly serves as an oven hood). The tub is a special shade of yellow, has rust around the drain, and the faucets look like they, at one point, dispersed acid (rather than water), because the spouts are jagged and corroded.

In recent weeks, the tub has taken on a charming new feature—parts of it are peeling away. And because there are parts peeling away and flapping wildly in the water, water is going up under the finishing and creating bubbles in other parts of the tub. So needless to say, upon noticing this phenomenon, we quickly asked the church (aka: our landlord) if they would be willing to re-finish the tub and hopefully clear up this little problem. And after Brian did some shopping around to find the best deal, we decided on a company and they are at my house “fixing” the tub as we speak.

Apparently this is a 2-day project, and the church is graciously allowing Brian to work from home today so he can supervise. Of course, control freak that I am, I am having a hard time coping with the fact that strangers are currently in my BATHROOM making a mess and touching my stuff. And while I trust Brian, deep down I want to be the one to be there to make sure nothing goes horribly wrong. How I ever became so territorial and psychotic, I may never know. But I like to blame the fact that I shared the womb with someone and therefore spent most of my childhood clinging desperately to anything that I could call my own.

Anyway, I think the following text message conversation between myself and my husband pretty much sums up how we approach things in life. Please note how I start out reasonably calm, and then somewhere along the lines turn into a little bit of a lunatic. Also, please note my husband's blatant disregard for rules regarding punctuation.:

Me: How’s the tub going?
Brian: Its going…
(For the record, I HATE the ellipses (also known as the “dot dot dot”)… it is so foreboding and is almost never followed by good news.)
Me: Why the dots?
Brian: It is smelly
Me: How smelly? Open a window if needed! Don’t let them make a huge mess outside of the tub!
Brian: I will take care of everything (in my mind, this OBVIOUSLY implies that a great deal has already gone wrong and thus there is a lot to take care of)
Me: What have they done?! What are you not telling me?
Brian: Chill woman! Nothing is wrong
Me: Ok just checking :)
Brian: You crazy

Most days I feel sorry for Brian for being married to a crazy person. But then I stop and tell myself that his having to put up with me builds character. So Brian, you can thank me later :)


Lauren & Zack said...

Good luck with the bathtub! I too feel like I have to be there to make sure everything goes right, even though I trust Zack. :)

Kelly and Andrew said...

this is cracking me up!!!!