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Monday, May 12, 2008

Turbo Tax, you OWE ME!

Ok so the mystery of our non-existent tax rebate has been solved. I checked our account obsessively on Friday, Saturday, and again today, but to no avail. I realize the government is slow, but the schedule on their website is so specific and doesn’t say “give or take a few days,” so I began investigating just to be safe.

After an unsuccessful phone call to the IRS's rebate “hotline,” I decided to get on (where we did our taxes) and see if I could find any information about what the hold-up might be. And lo and behold, Turbo Tax is the problem! Basically, we did direct deposit through Turbo Tax for our refund, and used part of the refund to pay for the processing fees. Well apparently when you do this, they create temporary direct deposit access into your account, but they don’t give the bank account information to the IRS. As such, the IRS doesn’t treat it as a direct deposit.

Go here to read about it on My biggest frustration is that they didn’t send us any kind of e-mail or anything to notify us that our check would be delayed as a result of using their service. They apparently just expected us to stumble upon this information on our own. Fortunately, I am pretty obsessive, so it didn’t take me long to get there.

So the result is that we have to wait until June 13… 35 painfully slow days after the date on which we originally thought we’d receive it. Oh well, the damage is done (the tv arrived at our house this weekend!) and I’ll just chalk this up to another lesson in patience.

How’s the new tv, you ask? Well the main benefit for me is that I can sit farther away and still see what’s going on. What’s amusing is that Brian—who so desperately wanted this larger flat screen—still sits on the floor about 4 feet from the screen. I guess for him, it’s just about the added clarity of the picture. Regardless, we have welcomed the tv into our home and are satisfied with our purchase.

Did I mention that we recently joined the world of Netflix, by the way? So far, I’m a fan… although the first movie we rented was horrible. In case you were planning to rent “Enchanted,” don’t. Trust me. Next up is “Cloverfield,” which Brian insists that I will like. Anyone else have movie suggestions they’d like to share?


Maryanne said...

haha - I LOVE Enchanted! Yes, really! I know it's super cheesy, but that's what makes it even funnier! Please don't disown me as a friend for this, but Lorne and I actually own it and love it :o)

Josh and Jamie said...

In no particular order: Juno and Dan in Real Life. Both great movies!

Risa said...

I liked Enchanted too, Maryanne!! And I echo the Dan in Real Life...watched it last week and loved it!

slc newlyweds said...

I haven't seen Enchanted... do I trust the twin sister, or the sorority sisters?

Angela said...

I saw Enchanted in the theater with some of my girl friends, and I thought it was really cute. My husband, however, would not have liked it. Also, I heard that Dan in Real Life was not very good and that only our parent's generation would appreciate the humor.

That's my two cents. :)

The Joiners said...

I loved Dan in Real Life! But that's because I think Steve whatever-his-last-name-is is really funny. And I'll be diplomatic about Enchanted... it was cute in the way that all Disney movies are cute. But I couldn't get past how bad the acting was! And not just by red-headed Wedding Crashers girl... Patrick Dempsey was none too convincing either!

Beth said...

I didn't like Enchanted either and definitely thought I would. Juno is a MUST!! I was not as big of a fan of Dan in Real Life, y'all might like it though. When Definitely, Maybe comes out you should rent that one. It was cute. Also, How I Met Your Mother - the tv show on dvd.

Bob said...
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Bob said...

Actually, TurboTax is not to blame. It wasn't until tax season was over before the IRS decided how and when to issue the rebate checks. The decision to issue rebate checks by mail to those who used any bank product (i.e., used a bank to process their refund, pay the tax filing fees and then deposit the balance in your account OR obtained a Refund Anticipation Loan, which TurboTax does not offer) was made by the IRS and for valid reasons. This was not a TurboTax or a SBBT decision. This situation affects ALL filers regardless of whether you used TurboTax, another tax software product, an online tax service, a tax professional or a tax franchise.

While I agree that it's frustrating (to say the least) to have to wait on your rebate, it is not the fault of TurboTax or SBBT. Had we known back in tax season that rebates would become a reality (they weren't even around when the tax season started) and how they would be processed by the IRS, we could have done a better job of providing appropriate guidance.

We have been working to identify affected customers, but because of privacy restrictions on your tax information and the fact that the rebate stuff came after most returns had been filed, it has taken an enormous amount of effort to collect this information.

I hope this information helps.

Bob Meighan
VP, TurboTax

Anonymous said...

Bob is a looser!!

Jenni said...

Check this out:

(gotta love google!)

*Kimmie* said...

1. Enchanted was cute.
2. How I Met Your Mother is hilarious.
3. Dear Bob - the refund was a reality WAY before tax season because I remember discussing it in December. Seeing as how companies aren't required to send out W-2's until January, I believe that means December came before tax season. And do you just search the web all day for people that talk about Turbo Tax? That's a sad story if so.