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Friday, May 23, 2008

My, how time flies...

So here is what I heard on the news this morning:

Temperatures are reaching a record high this morning. This afternoon, it’s supposed to feel like 104 degrees outside with the humidity. Gas prices are possibly going to rise 50 cents in a 3-day period this weekend. And of course, several people were murdered, a few buildings burned down, and the price of throwing a Memorial Day bbq will cost us 16% more than it did this time last year. I think they need to hire someone on the news stations just to intermittently say something positive. It would go a little something like this:

Anchorman: “And in this morning’s news, another person was murdered senselessly outside of a gas station. Meanwhile, 3 blocks down, a gang member set an apartment on fire which ended up burning down the entire building. Gas prices are scheduled to be $5 a gallon in no time, and you’ll all end up in poverty on the streets.”

Extra Person: “Today one of the giraffes at the zoo had a baby! A cute, tiny baby giraffe!”

And then they would flash up a picture of the baby giraffe for a few seconds until everyone forgot what was making us so miserable. Anyone else down with that? I thought so.

Ok so if you haven’t noticed, I am trying to win the award for mentioning cockroaches the most times in my blog. Last night when I was putting away an empty container, I noticed a familiar-looking friend kicking his legs and struggling not to end up like all of his other buddies… in my chip and dip tray. Vomit. Even after cleaning the tray, I am going to have a hard time getting that visual out of my head. What I want to know is: how the HECK are they getting into closed cabinets? There are no holes in there! Do cockroaches have the ability to teleport themselves, and I was just never told about this special power?

Brian, seeing the familiar pout on my face that ensues after finding a roach in the house, then made the foolish mistake of promising me that in the next house we live in, there will be no cockroaches. I laughed in his face, to which he replied, “OK, well there won’t be as many of them.” We’ll see about that, BJ!

In other more exciting news, my sweet little niece, Emma, is turning 3 years old today! It is hard to believe that 3 years have already gone by, and equally hard to believe that she is walking and talking and behaving just like a little person. She is sassy—just like her mommy and aunties—and fairly opinionated, as every three-year-old girl should be. Anyway, here is a pic of when she was just a month old, and then one that's a little more recent.

Happy birthday, Emma!

And lastly, I came home from work today to a WONDERFUL surprise... Brian had cleaned the whole house and washed the dogs! We had talked about doing it this afternoon and I really wasn't looking forward to wasting another Friday cleaning, so I was very pleased to say the least. Now if I could just figure out how to get him to volunteer to do this every Friday... :)


slc newlyweds said...

You could brainwash him? Or bribe him?

Angela said...

I laughed so hard at the baby giraffe comment! I actually do get e-mails at work every time any animal is born (or dies) at the zoo...and it used to get on my nerves. Now it will make me laugh (not the dying part...just the being born part)! :)