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Monday, May 5, 2008

One year closer to retirement

So another weekend has passed, and Brian has completed another year in his life! The birthday weekend—in my opinion—was a success, but you’ll have to ask Brian for confirmation on that. Friday afternoon was spent kicking off our church’s 24-hour prayer marathon and then watching Made of Honor at the movie theater. The movie was predictably cheesy, and predictably predictable, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. If you can get past the fact that it’s almost exactly the same (only the reverse) of My Best Friend’s Wedding, I think you’ll enjoy it. Brian even laughed at a few of the lines, so to all my male readers, there’s hope for you too.

We spent Friday evening having birthday dinner with Brian’s family, at which time he received his gift from his parents—Guitar Hero 3. Brian has been wanting this video game for months now, so he was understandably really excited about this gift. As soon as we got home from dinner, he popped it into the Wii and started jamming out. He asked me if I wanted to give it a try, and although I really didn’t have any interest in doing so, I figured I’d better go ahead and get it over with so that he could see how pathetically awful I was and never ask me to join in on it again. You see, I have never in my life played an instrument, so I figured that a video game based solely on one’s ability to do so wouldn’t exactly be my forte.

Not surprisingly, I was pretty awful. But surprisingly, I actually enjoyed it! “Slow Ride” has really been the only song I’ve been able to handle (on the easy level, mind you), but I have a feeling that in a few months’ time, I will work my way up to “medium” level and possibly be able to tackle a song that’s less likely to get stuck in my head for eternity.

Saturday (Brian’s birthday) started off as any good Saturday should with a long walk with our pups. We sufficiently wore them out for the day (mission accomplished) and got to enjoy some very pleasant weather. After we returned, I made Brian some French toast (I’m so domestic, I know) and then we busied ourselves getting ready for the day. For me, this meant showering, drying and straightening my hair, and picking out the right outfit. For Brian, this meant a quick shower and an hour or so of Guitar Hero. Go figure.

We then went to McAlister’s where Brian thought we were just meeting his family for an impromptu birthday lunch. Instead, he was surprised to see several of the youth group kids (and some parents) hiding behind menus when we arrived. Yes, Brian got his first ever surprise party! He was surprised—thankfully—so my work was done. After lunch we spent the afternoon looking at flat screen tv’s. I never realized what a chore this would be, but we looked and looked and looked until I thought my brain was going to turn to mush if I heard “1080p” or “120mz” one more time.

After a quick stop at Larry’s for some chips and appetizers, we met up with Brittany and Chris and headed to the Astros game (Brian’s gift from me). The weather was perfect and the ‘stros won (although I only know that because someone told me the next day… I have a very hard time focusing at sporting events). We ended the evening with a trip to House of Pies, which was straight out of the 50s in my opinion, and stuffed ourselves to the point of illness with larger than necessary servings of dessert. Yum.

Sunday was spent recovering and with the usual activities… me cooking dinner for the week and watching Lifetime movies while Brian performed his Youth Minister-ly duties at the church for 5 hours. Hooray! Now it’s back to Monday (barf) and back to work (barf). I think I’m going to turn my brain on auto-pilot and pretend it’s still the weekend. Feel free to join me.

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Brian Joiner said...

yes it was a great birthday and everything was a surprise! great job wife!