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Monday, May 19, 2008

Peace out, weekend.

It’s Monday again? Seriously? Does anyone else feel like it was just Friday? Such is life when you look so forward to the weekends, I guess.

This past weekend started off with a bang when my alarm clock went off promptly at 5:23 am on Friday morning. I got up and went straight to brush my teeth. As I was slowly coming out of my state of sleepiness, I noticed something unusual out of the corner of my eye moving quickly across the wall. Yes, you guessed it—a gigantic, soul-sucking cockroach. I hate them with a fiery passion, in case I haven’t already mentioned that. He was easily 2 inches long, and because our “master” bathroom is more like a small closet, Mr. Cockroach and I were way too close together for my liking.

I opened the bathroom door and “quietly” yelled (is that possible?) Brian’s name, jerking him out of his peaceful slumber. I informed him that there was a giant roach in the bathroom… I didn’t have to ask him politely to get up and dispose of said roach because he has learned that if I mention a bug is somewhere in the house, his husbandly duty is to kill it and get rid of it. So he stumbled into the bathroom, grabbed a shoe from the closet, and put our nasty little intruder to death. He then tossed the critter in the toilet for a burial at sea. And although he flushed the toilet (and I stayed there to make sure he swirled all the way down), I had a fear every time I used the bathroom for the next day or so that the cockroach would be resurrected from the dead and would surely crawl out of the toilet to seek revenge on me. That’s rational… right?

I’m not sure who spread the word that our house was a bed and breakfast for cockroaches, but I do not appreciate it. We found one in the guest room on Saturday that was dying/very close to death 1 pm, and when Brian finally went to pick it up TEN HOURS LATER, it was still not dead! How is this possible? I’m starting to think that cockroaches would have a really lucrative career at motivational speaking, because who else hangs on for dear life like that? Ok I’ve devoted entirely too much blog space to roaches now. I’m done.

I should also share that I received an interesting e-mail on Thursday that some of my readers may appreciate: a letter from Turbo Tax informing us (“valued customers”) that our rebate might be delayed if we used their direct deposit service. And guess who signed it? That’s right, none other than Bob “the blog crasher” Meighan, VP of Turbo Tax! Now was that so hard, Bob? Receiving that e-mail a month ago would have been nice. Anyway, my first thought is to say, “too little, too late,” but I am going to attempt to be gracious (we all know that’s not my forte) and just let it go.

This next subject is probably really immature to blog about, but I don’t care. Today on my way to work, I was wearing my sunglasses because the sun was particularly blinding. The great part about sunglasses (besides that they block the sun) is that you can stare at people in your rearview mirror, and they won’t know that you are looking at them. As some man pulled up behind me while I was waiting to turn onto 59, I decided to take advantage and stare away. Unfortunately, I got more than I bargained for because he was TOTALLY picking his nose. And not just the subtle “I can get away with saying I had an itch” picking, but I’m talking about shameless nose-picking. And when he was finished, he pulled out his finger and examined—even admired!—his findings. I wanted to turn on the song “Gold-digger” and roll down my windows and blast it for him. I guess that’s what I get for using my sunglasses to spy on strangers.

In townie news, we went out to Gringo’s (a Houston area Mexican food restaurant) with some friends for dinner on Saturday night. It’s not technically in Rich-Rose, but it’s not inside the loop either, so I’m still going to count it as townie news. Brian and I shared fajitas and they were really good! They also had free soft-serve (Jason's Deli style), so basically it's now one of my new favorite restaurants. We then hit up Sugar Land Town Square for their “movie under the moon” night. We set up some lawn/camping chairs and watched “Bee Movie”… under the moon. It was kind of hard to hear because of the giant fountain gushing just a few feet behind us, but from what I could decipher, it was a cute movie and a fun setting. And best of all, it was free! We will most definitely be trying out another movie under the moon in the future. Feel free to join us!

That’s all for now. Have a happy Monday… and remember, just 12 short days until my birthday! :o)


Risa said...

Why in the world did you get up at 5:23 on the weekend??

The Joiners said...

Ha ha it was Friday! I guess I should have clarified that :) I will change it!

Angela said...
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Angela said...

Okay, so I hate to tell you, but apparently there are two different kinds of TurboTax: free and not free, and according to my husband, we used the free one. Our money arrived in our bank account promptly and as expected on Thursday afternoon. Glad Bob finally sent something out explaining, though!

Brian Joiner said...

If I had a super-hero name it would be "Cockroach Killer Man"