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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Out of my comfort zone

So the week before Brian’s birthday, I gave him a new “coupon” every day for various activities that he could redeem at the time of his choosing. He got a coupon for a free fast food date (I am not usually up for eating fast food unless I’m forced to do so on a road trip), a free pizza delivery/scary movie date night (I am not usually up for delivery pizza either!), a trip to Kroger instead of Wal-mart (he prefers the slow pace and older age range of the people at Kroger to the chaos and child abuse at Wal-mart), and one for a chips and queso outing (umm… this one might have been more for me than him). The final coupon that he received was on his actual birthday for an Astros game double date with Brittany and Chris, which, of course, he was required to redeem that night.

There was one more coupon given to him that I have yet to mention, and that perhaps presented the biggest challenge for me: one blog entry solely about sports written by me. If you know Brian, you know that he is a big sports fan. I am convinced that he forgets simple things like making the bed and putting away his shoes because his brain is so clogged with sports trivia and information. And because Brian very kindly reads my blog on a daily basis, I decided I would give him something entertaining to read. But if you know me, I am not so interested in sports, so this is slightly more of a sacrifice for me than eating a Big Mac or spending the extra money at Kroger.

So alas, here goes nothing:

As many of you may know, the Astros' season got off to a rocky start. But as of late (including in the game against the Brewers Saturday night that we attended) they have been catching up and actually doing (dare I jinx it?) well! According to (yes, I had to do research to write this blog), their current record is 17 wins and 16 losses. And much like Barack and Hilary are learning on the campaign trail, they may only be ahead by one game, but when it comes down to it, every game counts!

Because I have no sports knowledge whatsoever, I am going to make the following assessment based solely on my opinions. So here’s my theory: I think the Astros started out with a losing record to weed out their fair-weather fans. They decided that they would lose a few games, see what kind of alleged followers dropped off, and then—once their true blue (or should I say true red?) supporters were revealed—start picking up the pace a bit. That way, when they hear people chanting their names from the stadium seats and see people sporting their jerseys around H-town, they will know that they can trust these fans, and that they won’t give up when the going gets tough. Brian is a great example of a loyal fan… he never gives up hope for the Astros, and neither should you!

And as a side note, did you know that Miguel Tejada’s 2008 salary is $14,811,414, followed closely by Lance Berkman at $14,500,000? Doesn’t that make you throw up in your mouth a little bit? Not that I’m a professional athlete hater, but seriously? Ok moving along.

While we’re on the topic of Houston sports, let’s talk about the Rockets. I appreciate the Rockets for 2 mains reasons: (1) I have attended 2 of their games and (2) they have a gigantic Asian team member whose name makes for some really catchy songs. But anyway, their loss in the first round of the play-offs this year is particularly painful to me because it was to the Utah Jazz… a team based out of Salt Lake City. In case you didn’t know, Salt Lake City viciously stole my twin sister from me 2 years ago. And while I have enjoyed my visits to SLC, I still hold a grudge against the town. Now I have double the reason to do so.

And what really gets under my skin is that the same thing happened last year. Do you think Utah has it out for Texas? I’m thinking it might be a conspiracy. Regardless, apparently the Rockets have made a habit of losing in the first round of the play-offs, including to another Texas team (I think) 2 years ago (I think). Some fans might consider this a reason to be frustrated with the Rockets, and write them off as incapable of making it past the first round.

I, however, choose to view things in a different light: I applaud the Rockets for their consistency. At least they are sticking to a pattern, right? Would you rather them go all the way one year and not even make it to the play-offs the next? No way, you want a reliable team. So that is why I am ok with their first round loss. And if you find yourself getting riled up about it, maybe you need to adopt my viewpoint too. :)


Brian Joiner said...

That was probably the greatest sports blog I have ever read. Very funny and insightful! Great job!

slc newlyweds said...

Texas beat out Utah in the end - we're moving home, aren't we?

Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

I hope your husband is proud, that was some serious sports commentary!

The Joiners said...

Thank you, thank you! I won't make a habit of it because that required way too much mental effort :)

Risa said...

Way to go with the sports blog! Very impressive. :)

Chris said...

that was amazing. I think I am going to post your entry on my blog since it was better than most of the stuff I have written. but of dont worry I'll give you credit