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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ode to my look-alike

As you might know (because I advertise it shamelessly any chance I get), Saturday is my birthday. But equally as important, it is also the birthday of someone very near and dear to me—my very own identical twin sissy, Allison! She will turn 25 at 2:08 pm, and I will turn 25 a minute later at 2:09 pm. Yes, it only took those doctors 60 seconds to pull her out, notice that another baby was inside, and then quickly yank me out to prevent me from losing any more oxygen. Thank you, Allison, by the way for trying to kill me at birth!

Allison and I may not have always gotten along throughout the years, but since way back in our tight-knit days in the womb, we have always “done” life together. And as such, it is only fitting on my birthday to celebrate not just my life, but hers as well. And so today (2 days early, in true Nelson fashion), I present you with an ode to my twin sissy, my mirror image, and my BFF. Because I like lists, I would like to share with you the 25 things that I love/appreciate the most about her. Enjoy!

1. She is a planner. She makes lists in her sleep, plans itineraries for visitors months in advance, and knows what she will be eating for every meal for the next week at least.
2. She is always early/on time.
3. She likes food as much as (and sometimes more so) than I do. No one is as much fun to play the “if I could be eating anything right now, it would be…” game with.
4. She is thoughtful. She always makes sure your favorite candy is out in a dish if you come visit, and she was the first person to send me “real mail” after Brian and I moved into our new house.
5. I don’t have to explain myself to her. Ever. If I tell her a story about something irritating, I don’t have to explain why it irritated me, because she is probably already irritated just thinking about it.
6. She is reliable.
7. She is disciplined… whether that means waking up at 7:30 am on Saturdays in college just to do laundry, or getting in her morning work-outs regardless of how late she stayed up the night before.
8. She is gullible. Ok well she isn’t anymore, but she sure was when we were little. My brother and I actually convinced her that McDonald’s chicken nuggets were made out of duck meat.
9. Did I mention she maintained her lisp until 4th grade?
10. She’s fun to shop with.
11. She is the mother of a very volatile and often inappropriate imaginary baby duck named (aptly) “Baby Duck.” I receive phone calls from this duck on a semi-regular basis, and one time she even sent me a card in the mail!
12. She’s a good cook, and a good baker! She has recently become a cupcake connoisseur and will hopefully one day be running her own cupcake shop. In the meantime, I am just waiting for her to make me one. ONE freaking cupcake is all I’m asking for, sis.
13. She’s thrifty. If it weren’t her birthday, I would use the word that I usually use to describe her: cheap :o). But really, she knows how to stretch a dollar!
14. She is a loyal friend.
15. She’s pretty funny, although I wouldn’t admit this until I was older (primarily because she didn’t acquire this skill until later in life).
16. She’s a good dancer, and is one of my favorite people to dance with at weddings (even though she spends most of her time making fun of me).
17. She has good (translation: similar to mine) taste in music.
18. She let me boss her around for the majority of our childhood/young adulthood.
19. She has good fashion sense… when we were about 8 years old, she actually said the following to me: “Amanda, sometimes you have to sacrifice comfort for fashion.” So true, so true.
20. While I wouldn’t say she is fearless, she is not afraid to speak up for herself, and she often finds great delight in sticking to the man when she has been wronged.
21. She is a wonderful wife. She is very domestic and always makes sure Wade is well taken care of—I think he would agree!
22. On that note, she is supportive. No matter what happens, I know she will be always be one of my biggest encouragers and supporters, even if that means putting me in my place every once in a while :)
23. She calls and e-mails me every single day without fail.
24. She is trustworthy, and gives very helpful advice.
25. She is my original “other half” and I owe a good deal of who I am today to her.

So here’s to my sissy, the greatest identical twin sister I’ve ever had! LYLAS!


slc newlyweds said...

Awww, thanks sis :) And thanks for totally outdoing my blog tribute!

Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

"if I could be eating anything right now, it would be…” is my favorite past time EVER. Not even lying. I play it all the time.

The Joiners said...

Ha ha maybe you should have been our triplet then!