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Thursday, May 29, 2008

For My Wife on Her Birthday

So, it is not really her birthday yet, but I figured that she will still be surprised to see this when she opens it in the morning, so SURPRISE AMANDA!

I, being a man and liking to keep things simple, am not very good at blogging (see my one previous attempt where I narrated my post to Amanda). So I am going to my best to make this blog to honor my wife, and I intend to do so with one of those letter thingies...I think its called an Anagram. Anyway here goes

A - Amazing, back when we first started dating I remember coming up with words using the first letters of our names that were supposed to describe ourselves, and I told her that she should use Amazing because she is just that.
M - Makes me laugh with the ridiculous faces she makes (ask her to make one for you sometime)
A - Able to write very well. I think we can all agree that her blogs are entertaining and I tell her all the time she should be a writer
N - Never likes to be late. There is a joke in the family that if she says that she will be somewhere at 6:45, she will get there exactly at 6:45 or, more likely, 10 minutes early
D - Duck lover. She shares her passion of ducks with me all the time, whether they be ducks with afros, imaginary ducks, or baby duck, she loves them.
A - Alot of A's in her name haha. Really though, this A stands for authentic. She is the most authentic, real person I know. What you see is what you get and that is awesome if you ask me
J - Just about the greatest wife a guy could ask for (ok so that was a little sappy and predictable, but get over it!)
O - On the ball. If you ever give her a job to do, you can be assured that it will be finished as fast as she can do it a week before the deadline.
I - Insatiable appetite for chips and queso. I love eating that with her because it can sometimes count as sort of a meal I guess. Anyway sometimes I feel bad for the poor waiter that has to bring us 4 baskets of chips, but there is nobody I would rather eat them with than her.
N - Neat freak. If you have never lived with her then you just don't know. I regularly leave crumbs on the counter and I also regularly get dirty looks for doing so. I guess I should learn. Anyway if it was left to me our place would NOT be clean
E - Enjoys doing "wifely" things. I cannot tell you how cool it is that she likes doing things like cleaning and washing clothes. I hate those things and because she sorta likes them, it makes my life easier.
R - Reminds me every day of why I love her. Well she doesn't say anything and she doesn't tell me that I have to... but the 11 reasons I just wrote are only the tip of the iceberg.

So Amanda, here's to you on your birthday, and I can't wait to spend the next 3/4 of a century with you!


The Joiners said...

I have the greatest husband ever, I think you'd all agree :)

slc newlyweds said...

Well done, Bri!

Lauren & Zack said...

Hi Amanda! You don't know me (hope this doesn't creep you out then) but I have been reading your blog for awhile and wanted to agree with Brian, that you are a great writer! You are really creative and always crack me up! Oh and I definitely understand the insatiable love of chips and queso. I could eat that all day, every day. Anyways, saw that you know Casey Duncan--I went to high school with her! Okay this is long, have a happy birthday! (and you too allison!)

The Jasters said...

Happy (belated) Birthday, Amanda! I hope you had a great day!