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Friday, May 2, 2008

Brian Wayne Joiner

Anyone know what tomorrow is? That’s right, it’s my husband’s 25th birthday! He will be a whole quarter of a century old… practically ready to join AARP and get himself a wheelchair. Of course, I shouldn’t say that since I’ll be catching up with him in 4 weeks, but I figure I should enjoy these next 28 days where he is my “senior,” right?

Here's a cute picture of him when he was little:

Anyway, I love him very much and am excited to celebrate the day of his birth, so in honor of Brian, I decided to write an acrostic about/for him… and for all of you to enjoy!

Bugs flee from him in fear.
Runs a lot like Phoebe on Friends.
Is a very talented hamburger-flipper.
Always puts a smile on my face (even when he makes me mad).
Never complains or makes me feel guilty for all the things I make him do.

Would give you the shirt off his back—he is very unselfish!
Avid video game connoisseur
Youth Minister by day, Dog Whisperer by night
Notices when I wear a new outfit or cut my hair… usually :o)
Excels in guitar-playing and worship-leading.

Joyful always, regardless of his circumstances
One of the easiest to please people that I know—that is a gift!
Imitates animals with great skill… and he imitates Kermit the Frog really accurately as well!
Night owl… “n” could also stand for “not so much a morning person” :o)
Enjoys watching bad movies on tv (and admits that they are bad).
Resourceful, reasonable, reassuring, relaxed! (I admit I pulled out the dictionary on that one.)

I didn’t find anywhere to put this in, but he is also very handsome :o)

Anyway, please feel free to leave comments with your favorite fun facts about Brian! And don’t forget to wish him a very happy birthday tomorrow (Saturday, May 3rd)!

Happy birthday, Brian! I love you!


slc newlyweds said...

Big on imaginary friends
Introduced me to my husband
Allison is awesome
Not 25 yet, but will be tomorrow

Dezzy Lou Where Are You said...

What kind of movies? Lifetime ones? I wont tell...

Lorne said...

I've been compared to a bug many times, and I agree that my bug-like qualities shiver in fear of THE BRIAN.