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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another fill-in-the-blank kind of day

Maybe I should – paint my toe nails tonight because I’m not digging the clear polish look right now.

I love the smell of - chocolate chip cookies baking, camp fires (but I don’t like smelling like them), Brian’s cologne, anything vanilla-scented.

People would say that I - am addicted to facebook and blog-stalking. And they would be correct.

I don’t understand why – no matter how many times the exterminator sprays for bugs, the ROACHES WILL NOT LEAVE.

When I wake up in the morning – (my alarm gets out of warnings, I don't think I'll ever make it on time...) I turn off my alarm, get immediately out of bed, and go straight to the bathroom. I am not a snooze button pusher, that’s for sure!

I lost my willpower to – resist chocolate. Ever.

Life is – a highway, I wanna ride it all night long. Good song!

My past made me – who I am today? I don’t like this one.

I get annoyed when I – take too long to eat my Raisin Bran and consequently slow down my morning routine.

Parties are not a good time to – corner people into one-on-one conversations. Nothing bothers me more than when I’m trying to socialize and one person corners me and prevents me from talking to anyone else!

Dogs are – a handful, but well worth it. Noah and Buster are certainly evidence of this!

Cats are – cute, but usually pretty sassy.

Tomorrow is - one day closer to Friday! AND it’s the day of the Grey’s Anatomy season finale. Whoop.

I have low tolerance for – laziness, excuses, and potty mouths.

I’m totally terrified of – cockroaches eating my soul, losing a loved one, and being alone.

I wonder why I thought my life would be – different? Growing up I always thought I was going to be a hot shot lawyer or some studly executive right out of college. And here I sit in my fabric-covered cubicle…

I always knew I would – get married? I’m not sure what else I always knew I would do.

Never in my life have I – been skiing! Or eaten a pickle. Refer to a previous post for details.

High school was – fun! Brian says I still wish I was in high school. Life was so much simpler then, even if people were meaner.

When I’m nervous - I get antsy and irritable… surprise, surprise!

One time at a family gathering – I broke my foot playing Guesstures (charades). I have already blogged about this, but long story short—my word was “hurdle” and my landing didn’t go as planned.

Take my advice – drink more water and get more sleep! I am convinced that those are 2 big reasons why I hardly ever get sick!

Making my bed - was the first thing I used to do in the morning… before I got married. And it would continue to be the first thing I did every morning if it didn’t mean that I’d be making up the bed while Brian was still in it! So now it’s typically Brian’s job, which he does very well (when he remembers to do it) :o)

I'm almost always – worrying about something that isn’t worth worrying about.

I’m addicted to – dark chocolate Hershey’s kisses and gum. Currently I’m on an Orbit Sweet Mint kick.

I want someone to – offer me money to blog!

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Angela said...

1. I totally need to paint my toenails, too.

2. My cat is very sassy.