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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Townie Love

I feel very fortunate to be on a quest for townie-hood ("hood" has double meaning there), because I find myself learning valuable life lessons as a result. On Friday, for example, two very townie situations gave me a deeper meaning of the word "love":

1. After a stressful afternoon of errands, we decided to get a snow cone before heading home. When we walked up to the snow cone "hut," there were love bugs EVERYWHERE. Some of you fellow Aggies might remember that summer/fall when the love bugs invaded CS, and as a result, some favorite activities included trying to run away from them (but always failing) while waiting for the Aggie Bus, and trying (but always failing) to scrape their remains off of your car. Gross. As usual, I digress.

Anyway, the love bugs swarmed Brian's truck as we prepared to leave the snow cone place, and were holding onto the windows/windshield for dear life. While observing the love bugs, I realized that for some of the pairs, one love bug was planted firmly on the car, while the other was whipping in the wind. It was clear that holding onto and anchoring down the significant other proved a struggle for those bugs that were doing the holding on. And it was obvious that if the one holding on would let go of his/her partner, then he/she could save himself/herself. But is that true love? NO.

Of course, my response was to turn to Brian and ask, "Brian, if we were love bugs, and we were riding on a car, and you were the one holding on for both of us, would you let go of me to save yourself?" He looked at me as if he couldn't decide if he was confused, amused, or embarrassed to be married to me, and said, "No, of course not." So sweet.

2. I will keep this one short and sweet: We took a short-cut on the way back from snow cones to our house, and happened to drive by the Shell station that happens to share its property with a Popeye's Chicken. In the parking lot was a definite townie couple making out by their car. Nothing says love like groping your significant other outside the Popeye's Chicken at the Shell Station on a Friday afternoon. Nothing.

And side note: yesterday was Terrie Joiner's (my mother-in-law) birthday! We had a fun night celebrating. Happy birthday, Terrie!

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