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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Happily ever after

I think I am suffering from BDGS. It’s a very serious condition, and I have no doubt that those of you who blog have also suffered from it at one time for another. What is BDGS, you ask? Blog Delay Guilt Syndrome. Every time I go more than a few days without making a new post, I feel very guilty. And I recognize that this is a very self-absorbed way to think about things, because I know that the world will continue turning whether or not I write a new post. But still, I am a person of commitment and loyalty, and as such, I hate to give anything less than my best to my efforts. And so, readers, allow me first to apologize (whether you care or not) that it has been almost a week since my last post.

Ok, now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about how The Office is FINALLY coming back on tonight. I feel as though there has been a void in my life without the normal Thursday night tv programming… is it sad that I feel that way? Well anyway, Grey’s Anatomy is not far behind, because they are returning with new episodes 2 weeks from tonight on 4/24. All I know is that I really need an update on what’s going to happen with McDreamy and that stupid nurse, and I also can’t wait to see what happens when Dwight doesn’t get invited to Michael’s dinner party. So if you were planning on calling me tonight (I know you weren’t), then please don’t. It won’t be worth wasting your minutes.

Brian is abandoning me to go on some youth minister conference this weekend, and thankfully Brittany and Chris have taken pity on me and are allowing me to be the 3rd wheel on a date with them on Friday night. I think the plan is to go get some Mexican food somewhere in Katy. And by the way, if you think I’m a townie, then you should meet someone from K-town. I have told Brittany many times about my theory that Katy children are groomed to lead the following life pattern: graduate from one of the Katy high schools; attend college with Katy high school significant other OR continue dating high school sweetheart while attending 2 different colleges; marry someone from Katy (preferably your high school sweetheart); move back to Katy, and start your own family in Katy. I have known of a few outsiders breaking into the Katy inner circle, but much like with the Episcopal Diocese of Texas inner circle, it is very hard to do.

Speaking of the Episcopal crowd, did you know that Wade (my twin sissy’s husband) and Brian (my husband) knew each other through diocese stuff long before they met us? It’s true. Shortly after Brian and I started dating, we would randomly run into Wade on campus at A&M, and at one point, they decided to go to lunch at Layne’s and invited me to join them. I instantly liked Wade (who I now affectionately refer to as Wade-topher), and thought that he would be a good candidate to date one of my friends. I sadly didn’t have very many single friends at the time, and Allison didn’t seem like an option because thinking about her dating people grossed me out. So it was by sheer luck (ok, so if you know anything about the Presbyterian doctrine, “sheer luck” does not exist, so I’ll stick to my roots and call it God’s will :) that Wade and Brian crashed one of our Chi Omega sisterhood events at an Aggie baseball game, and Wade just so happened to be seated next to my bitter and resentful sister.

Well the rest is history, because now they are married and she is not bitter anymore… at least not about boys anyway. Now she is bitter about new things, like people asking her to make copies at work, or the prolonged winter weather in Utah. But anyway, another fun part of the story is that Wade proposed to Allison before Brian proposed to me, even though they had been dating for 3 months less than we had. Looking back, 3 months doesn’t seem like much, but trust me, when you are a twin, you always keep track. So when Wade called to tell me that he was going to be proposing to Allison, I hung up and then proceeded to cry… partially because I was happy for her, and partially because I felt very sorry for myself. Aren’t girls awesome?

Well the rest is history to that story too, because Brian eventually sucked it up and proposed to me as well… poor guy :). Now we are all living happily ever after, and thankfully, the Olivers will be back in Texas in less than 2 months so that our double dating can resume once more! The end.

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slc newlyweds said...

Bitter and resentful? You were way off! You forgot rageful and cynical.