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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end

Happy April Fool’s Day! I am always a fan of the first day of the month because it is a chance to start fresh… we get to start a new tab on our budget spreadsheet, we are one month closer to May (which happens to be my favorite month of the year for very obvious reasons), I get to flip the page in my work calendar, and of course, it provides the opportunity for me to say “rabbit rabbit” when I first wake up in hopes of having good luck for the month. I can thank Nickelodeon for instilling the importance of that last tradition in me.

Unfortunately, today is a different kind of beginning for our little pup, Buster. Unbeknownst to the poor little guy, he is going to the vet to be neutered today. I guess it’s a good thing that he is not aware of what awaits him, because I doubt he would have been as willing to get in Brian’s truck this morning if so. They also decided they are going to pull 2 of his baby teeth while he’s in there… talk about adding insult to injury. I feel like I should make him a card or something, but (a) what would you write on such a card? and (b) he can’t read. Bummer.

On a lighter note, I re-discovered my love of dodge ball this weekend, and simultaneously discovered what a crotchety old woman I am already at age 24. Who stays sore for 48 hours following a 30-minute game of dodge ball? Yes, me. Brian needed an adult volunteer at youth group on Sunday, and considering that I have no life, of course I was available to help out. Well apparently the favorite activity with the high schoolers is dodge ball, and I gladly joined in. I just didn’t realize how little I use the muscles required to hurl objects at people, and the ones used when attempting to avoid having the same thing done to yourself. Oh, to be young again…

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