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Monday, April 21, 2008

All in the family

So it’s here again. No matter how hard I try to avoid it, or how much I wish it would just disappear, Monday is back. I think it is too cliché to blog about how much Mondays stink, however, so I will end this thought on a positive note: at least we are one day closer to Friday!

So on to more exciting topics: I spent this past weekend in Austin with my fam and much fun was had by all. Allison flew into town for one last visit before she permanently relocates back to Austin (hooray!), so we got to have some sissy bonding. Her plane didn’t land until 11:55 pm on Friday, which is WAY past my typical 9:30 bed time. Nonetheless, my parents and I all loaded into the car to go pick her up and get the weekend started. And by “get the weekend started,” I mean that we drove immediately home and got into bed. No one parties quite like the Nelsons!

Saturday was spent eating breakfast with the Wheelers (and my sis-in-law, Kelly, who was visiting from Vermont), running errands with dad, touring Allison and Wade’s new apartment, and shopping with mom (a staple activity for all visits home). Oh, and we also made a visit to our friend Elizabeth who had to get her tonsils out on Friday, didn't want to leave that one out! We ended the evening with a bang by eating out at a less-than-average Mexican food restaurant in Westlake, and then came home to bake cupcakes. Well, Allison and I were the only ones baking… mom was supervising (translation: watching Lifetime movies in the other room), and dad was the official taste-tester.

Allison has recently decided that she is really into baking cupcakes (refer to her blog), and has wisely shared the news of her new hobby with my parents. Mom accordingly bought her a cute cupcake mold from Sur La Table (Did I spell that right? I feel almost as pretentious writing it as I do saying it out loud!). Dad, on the other hand, went characteristically overboard. He got onto ebay and and purchased every piece of cupcake paraphernalia that he could find… including but not limited to a carrying case, cupcake molds, a cupcake cookbook, and let’s not forget the best piece: a collection of 5 or 6 “antique” cupcake pans that he bought on ebay for a total of $3.

I was there when he opened the box that the “antique” pans were sent in… let’s just say that I was assaulted instantly with the smell of moth balls and dead people. And these pans didn’t look any better than they smelled. He attempted to wash them, but they turned out just looking like a slightly cleaner version of ugly and disgusting, so he (by force) gave up on them. It’s just like our dear old dad to take an idea and run with it, and for this personality trait, we love him.

On Sunday we met up with the Wheelers for lunch at La Madeline. I’ll have you know that La Madeline no longer gives away free bread, and on the off chance that you ask for bread with your salad, your ONLY option is sourdough, unless you pay extra. Give me a break, you French-wannabe snobs. But anyway, Emma and Brown made the otherwise frustratingly overpriced restaurant (the fact that my dad bought lunch is irrelevant, I am still feeling righteously indignant toward the restaurant’s new stingy bread policy) seem enjoyable.

At one point, Emma asked if I wanted to go outside with her. I remember that when I was younger, Allison and I always asked if we could go outside the restaurant and play if we were finished eating, as if having to endure the adult company of our parents was just more than we could handle after our food was cleaned off the plate. Nowadays, you probably aren’t allowed to let your kids do that because they’ll get abducted. Sad. Anyway, knowing how she felt, I agreed to go with her.

We got outside and she politely commanded me to sit down on the sidewalk with her. I could tell she was ready to chat, so I began talking, and the conversation went a little something like this:

Amanda: “So Emma, who’s your best friend?”
Emma: “Bond! And Robert!”
Amanda: “That’s nice… and what’s your favorite food? Do you like strawberries… or tomatoes… or cookies?”
Emma: “COOKIES! I like cookies.”
Amanda: “I love cookies, too. So what’s your favorite color?”
Emma: “Umm… I like pink cookies.”

I just thought it was really cute that she was still thinking about the cookies, when I clearly thought we had moved on. Also, at one point Ford (her dad) was talking about how she and Brown had been particularly whiney and difficult all morning. He joked that they were going to send them back to the baby factory because they must be defective models. My mom (always defending her precious grandbabies) protested with, “No they are not!” Then Emma, who was apparently listening in, yells, “YES THEY ARE!” We couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that she just insulted herself and didn’t even know it. Oh how I love my niece and nephew (who, meanwhile, was eating a crayon).

I feel like I have more to say, but this post already seems rather lengthy, so I’ll end it now and hopefully post more later today or tomorrow! Happy Monday!


slc newlyweds said...

Did you have to google "paraphernalia" to remember how to spell it? I had to cut and paste it from your blog because I wasn't even going to try to spell it...

Brian Joiner said...

As the resident guy who took french for a few years you spelled Sur La Table correctly - Good Job!

The Joiners said...

No, Allison, I didn't have too look it up- I'm just that smart! Although I must admit that I was surprised when no red squigglies showed up underneath it after I moved to the next word. And thanks, hubby, for confirming my French spelling!