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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

7 things you may not know about me

Let me preface this list by saying that any of you who know me well and/or read my blog on a regular basis know that I am pretty straight-forward and forthcoming with details about my life. With that said, it is a bit of a stretch to come up with 7 things that most people don’t already know about me, so forgive me if none of these are new to you. So… here goes:

1. I/we were surprise babies. My mom and dad knew that they were having a baby (duh), but had no idea that they were having twins until she was in the delivery room. They cut her open (pardon the visual) and found Allison in there, robbing me of my precious oxygen. After they pulled her out, they noticed that—surprise!—there was another baby inside. Apparently I was blue and struggling to breathe because of my selfish twin sister’s inability to share the air with me, but nonetheless, I was a healthy baby. We were actually both healthy and weighed just under 7 pounds, which is pretty huge for twins… my mom virtually gave birth to 13 pounds of baby! Anyway, since Allison came out first, she claims that she was planned and I was an accident. My mom more lovingly refers to me as the surprise :o)

2. I went on 3 police stings in high school. The police officer who helped out at several of our Teen Teaching (similar to PALS) retreats and events needed some underage girls to assist in busting establishments that were selling alcohol to minors. It sounded like a fun adventure to me, so along with our teacher, an undercover policeman, and one other girl, we would drive from gas station to gas station in an undercover cop car and attempt to buy alcohol. I would walk in the store, pick out some type of girly alcohol (this is where I first heard the term “fuzzy navel” used to describe a beverage), and attempt to check out with my real 16-year-old ID. About half of the time, they would agree to sell it to me (even after checking my ID), at which point they would be arrested. It sounds cruel, I know, but hey, they shouldn’t be breaking the law! Anyway, it was a cool experience, and made for good material for a college essay for sure!

3. I used to want to work in broadcast journalism… I wanted to be a news anchor on tv. However, that dream was smashed to pieces after Senior Career Day, when the news reporter that I shadowed did his best (and succeeded) to discourage me from going into the business. He assured me that I would be miserable, make no money, and likely never make it on tv. Thank you, reporter man, for allowing me to pursue my second dream of becoming a recruiter for an offshore drilling contractor instead. Jerk.

4. In elementary school, I was too shy (hard to imagine, I know) to ask the teacher if I could go to the bathroom… ever. I would always wait until lunch or recess, and even then I was often too scared to go- not sure why? So virtually every day of elementary school, I would go the entire school day without going to the bathroom. Impressive, I know. Allison always used to claim that because of my fear of going to the bathroom at school, I wet my pants every day of kindergarten. It’s not true, so don’t listen to her! And just in case she tries to convince you anyway, I’ll have you know that she still had a lisp up until 4th grade! :o)

5. This one is really pathetic: I didn’t learn how to put my hair up in a ponytail by myself until I was probably a junior in high school. I just wore it down for soccer most of the time (very irritating), or had Allison or my mom put it up for me. So basically, I learned how to do something at age 16 that most people learn how to do at age 6. Awesome.

6. Ok now I’m really reaching. I eat Orbit gum, and instead of eating whole pieces, I tear each one in half and chew half a piece at a time. This is for two reasons: (a) to make the pack last longer and (b) because sometimes one piece is just too much gum to have at one time. And just FYI, I go through approximately 3 whole pieces (6 halves) a day.

7. When I was 10 years old, my mom asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. My answer was simple: a dictator. Ha there is no explanation necessary for this fact, so I will just leave it at that.


Brian Joiner said...

Ahh... my wife the surprise tv journalism dictator who eats half pieces of gum while attempting to put her hair in a pony tail while holding her pee on a police sting.

slc newlyweds said...

Did you pay Brian to start commenting on all of your blogs (like me) to make you feel better? :)

The Joiners said...

Surprisingly, no! Guess he is just learning all on his own, aren't you, hubby?

Josh and Jamie said...

This message is for the both of ya (twins that is). Been catching up with you through the WWW and I believe I may "borrow" your things you dont know about me blog. Thanks for keeping me entertained!

Anonymous said...

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