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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

And then there were three!

No, we are not pregnant. But yes, we did get a dog! We are proud to welcome Noah, an adorable 1-year-old Siberian Husky mix, into our family! I can't get his picture to post at the moment, but I promise to put one up later. For now, you can click here to view of album of pictures of him. (Side note: Brian had convinced me it was spelled “Huskie” and I found out today that he was incorrect… so if you have noticed it misspelled on facebook, shutterfly, or somewhere else, you can take it up with Brian:o)

We decided on Sunday afternoon to look around for dogs online, since we knew we wanted to get one soon. Well of course, we were tempted by all of the cute pictures and quickly decided to go out and look in person. We ended up going to the Houston SPCA to “adopt” our new friend. After filling out paperwork and perusing the rooms full of puppies and dogs, we spotted Noah. We had seen him earlier in our original walk-through and thought he was a good-looking dog, and decided we wanted to take him into the “Get Acquainted” room… sort of like a first date- ha ha. Anyway, we took him in the room and he was jumping and licking and very excited to (a) be out of his cage and (b) get to hang out with people that were doing something other than cleaning up his poop.

After just 5 minutes with the then-named Marcus, we decided we were in love and just had to have him. Fortunately (and I say “fortunately” because of my pathetic need for instant gratification), he already had all of his shots and had already been neutered, so we got to take him home immediately. So we hopped in Brian’s truck with our furry and excited friend and headed home, making a brief stop to pick up dog food and the other essentials. It was during this 30-minute car ride that we decided to change his name to Noah, as we thought it more fitting. Fortunately, he didn’t seem to respond to or recognize his name as Marcus anyway, so we were in luck.

Anyway, he has now been part of our home for 3 days and we couldn’t be happier with our new family member. He has a very sweet disposition, and seems to be a quick learner (we are working on “sit” and “shake” to start out). His favorite activities include: chewing on his bone, going on walks, and spying on us through our windows… he is very curious. He also likes to chase his shadow and chew on himself, but those aren’t the traits of which we are most proud :o)

He loves visitors (although he jumps, so beware! We are working on it!), so feel free to come meet him in person. I feel like this is good practice for when we have children, as we are already having to tweak our routines a bit for him… but it is well worth it!

Not much else to report… we had fun celebrating the arrival of 2008 with the Scibas and the Leys, and are looking forward to another wonderful year… our first full year together as newlyweds! Hard to believe 2007 is over, isn’t it? Good times, good times.

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