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Friday, August 31, 2007

Wade asked for it

Yep, that's right, it's day 2 and I'm already making another post. This is partially because it's new and exciting (and I'm OCD), and partially because Wade asked for it. Nonetheless, welcome to post # 2 from the Joiners!

So Brian and I may not have a lot of friends in Richmond yet, but we have managed to maintain pretty frequent company here at our house. However, our company is not of the human kind... cockroaches and geckos (that would make a sweet band name, wouldn't it?). But not just any ordinary cockroaches and geckos- allow me to tell you a little bit about our small friends.

The Cockroaches
These are a special breed of larger than life cockroaches. Today I swear that the one I found in the living room was the size of my big toe... and I have big feet. He was on his back with his little legs sticking up in the air, which you might think would make me feel sorry for him, but it didn't. Nasty little creature. Anyway, I'm fairly certain that they have breeding parties every morning and take turns daring each other to come out into the open. Sadly, we have "roach traps" (which don't actually trap roaches, but rather seem to poison them to death) all over the house, so this inevitably leads to their untimely death.

What gets me is that every time I tell someone that our house is decorated with dead roaches on a daily basis, each time the answer is the same, "Well at least they're dead!" Wrong. This does not help me to sleep at night. Dead bugs are just as gross as live ones. And the fact that there are dead bugs means that at one time, they were alive... probably dancing around in my underwear drawer or hiding in the microwave. Creeps.

The Geckos
I actually really like geckos- I think they're cute, and for the most part harmless. (On a side note, Brittany Sciba does NOT agree with this line of thought... Brian brought one near her and she ended up jumping on our couch screaming bloody murder- it was pretty funny :o) Anyway, these geckos, like their cockroach friends, are also a special breed. They are a daring group, fearless and constantly seeking a thrill.

You see, every time we open our front door, one of those little guys literally leaps over the threshold and into the house. This in turn, sends Brian into the ritual of crouching onto all fours and trying to catch the critter. It's sad, really, knowing that they take such a daring chance, only to be grabbed up and returned to the outdoors. But don't worry, we let them live... and sometimes we name them. We also name squirrels and snails though, so I guess that's not really unusual.

Alas, I must go, as we are about to leave for our Labor Day weekend in La Grange... look out for new posts soon!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

The joys of unemployment

I am new to this blogging thing, but I have learned a thing or 2 from the SLC Newlyweds. So let's go ahead and clear one thing up - Brian will most likely never make any posts on here, or read them for that matter. So it's safe to assume that any first person references are to Amanda :) However, for the sake of feeling like we're in this together, there will be several times where I refer to us in third person. So go ahead and accept it, and move on.

You might be thinking to yourself, "I wonder what inspired The Joiners to start a blog... is it because they want to be like everyone else? Is it because they want to impart all of their life knowledge unto others? Or is it just because they are incredibly entertaining and want to give friends/family/strangers something to read in their spare time?" Well, while the answers to all of these questions are undoubtedly 'yes,' it is only fair to tell you the real inspiration for the starting of the blog: Amanda's unemployment.

Yes, friends, I have now been unemployed for 32 days, 18 hours, and 50ish minutes. The first few weeks, time understandably passed by quickly... one week was spent taking care of the last minute details for the wedding, one week for the honeymoon, and one week to get settled into our new house in Richmond (and let's be honest, Amanda made sure that happened in 24 hours). However, the last 1.5 weeks have allowed for a little more free time.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy life as a "stay-at-home wife"... it looks a little like this:

7 am- Alarm goes off, Brian starts to get ready for work while Amanda wallows in bed
7:50 am - Brian leaves for work; meanwhile, Amanda has drifted back to sleep
8 am- Amanda's cell phone alarm goes off to remind her to wake up and watch Dawson's Creek
8 am-9 am - Amanda watches D-Creek in bed, getting up once to get a bowl of Raisin Bran
9 am-noon - Amanda goes for a walk or run, gmail chats with Allison, looks for jobs online, watches whatever is on TV, and stalks facebook mindlessly*
(*I have developed a sad and pitiful habit... I have found myself (several times, now) pressing refresh on the "Friends" page over and over again until someone new pops up on the page. If you are a facebooker, please update your profile often so that I have something to look at)
noon - Brian comes home for lunch with Amanda
noon - 5 pm - Amanda watches Law and Order over, and over, and over, and over again, until her brain has turned to mush, and Brian finally returns from work
5 pm - bedtime - Brian and Amanda make dinner together and continue watching Law and Order... ridiculous, but at least she's not alone!

Anyway, upon realizing my pathetic-ness, I decided that I might as well give myself something "productive" to do, and rather than shopping around for car insurance or living room curtains for our house, a blog is what I landed on. With that said, you will likely see a lot of posts in the near future. So be ready and be watchful, you never know when this blogger will strike again...