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Friday, February 5, 2016

Scenes from our week

A few scenes from our crazy week...

Bathroom remodel
We've been looking at a whole lot of this. One fundamental difference between Brian and myself was illustrated this week during a conversation on our way home from work:
Me: Did you find out what they worked on in the bathroom today? I hope they got the bath tub in and are able to start on the tile soon.
Brian: No, I didn't ask. I prefer to be surprised every day when we come home... it's kind of like Christmas morning!

The twins' artwork 
We've noticed that Clara has a very distinctive style of coloring (she usually sticks to one color and presses down really hard on the paper). We saw these up on the wall at daycare one morning this week and couldn't help but laugh at how easy it was to spot hers! (Colby's is right above hers for a comparison.) 

Did I mention we were remodeling our bathroom?
After much obsessing, we picked out our granite (on the left) and our floor tile (on the right). Not pictured: white subway tile for the shower/tub.

As always, Colby and Clara
Everyone else's kids are rocking their Christmas jammies while ours just can't seem to let go of Halloween... 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Quick escape

Allison and I left the husbands and children at home this weekend and took a road trip to Dallas to hang out with our mom (and briefly, our dad, when he wasn't on an airplane or babysitting our niece/nephews). It wasn't any kind of fancy girls' weekend, but it was just as magical as I imagined, and here's why:

- In two nights, I logged 18 hours of sleep.

- We ate out for more meals than I care to admit to, and at no point did I have to remind anyone to sit on his/her bottom, nor did we have to worry about the speed of service, availability of crayons/colorable kids' menus, or the proximity of our table to the restrooms in the event of potty emergencies.

Yes, this meal from La Duni tasted as delicious as it looks

- I ate a lot of salads. I realize I can do this any time, but generally when we go out with the kids, we try to get a few meals to split amongst ourselves, and typically salad does not meet the criteria.

- We also ate a lot of Mexican food... you know, to balance out any potential health benefits from the point mentioned above.

- We got to meet our cousin's 1.5-week-old baby and spend some time visiting with our grandmother.

- We randomly ran into my best friend from 1st grade at Starbucks, whom I don't think I have seen in at least 20+ years! (And in case you're wondering, I'm such a stalker that when I saw her and thought I recognized her, I shoved Allison closer to the checkout counter so that she could overhear the name the girl provided to the barista, which, of course, confirmed my suspicion!)

- We spent a lot of time shopping, and a lot of time in general at the mecca of a mall we grew up hanging out in. And again, we didn't have to coordinate our activities around nap time or worry about hurrying home to relieve the husbands from parenting duties.

It was a great little getaway and of course, it was only made possible by my saint of a husband that was willing to wrangle the twins by himself all weekend. He even complied with my constant requests for FaceTiming and pictures without complaints:

The unfortunate news is that my relaxation from the weekend will be short-lived, as the bathroom remodel (and all the chaos and mess that comes with it) starts today! I'm trying to remind myself that it's only temporary and will be worth it in the end... I may need all of you to also remind me of that when I start having mental breakdowns about all 4 of us sharing a bathroom and not having full access to my closet! :)

Monday, January 25, 2016

Brought to you by the number 2*

*Contrary to what the title suggests, this post will not be devoted to potty training (though in the interest of full disclosure, the topic will be mentioned).

TWO is the number of...

- bedding sets I ordered for the twins over the weekend after Friday's post brought my obsession to a peak- we ended up getting this one in aqua for Colby and pink for Clara.

- family members that overdosed on sugar at a birthday party on Saturday morning and spent the rest of the day acting like rabid monkeys. Behold, the precious blessings eating what ended up being their lunch that day:

- times I lost my cool about cleaning up the twins' potty accidents* over the weekend resulting in...

- margaritas I consumed - I bookended the weekend with one on Friday night and one on Sunday night. 

- consecutive church services the twins made it through with no accidents*!

- miles I ran in 37-degree weather on Sunday morning. And I even took a picture to capture that magical experience:

- little people that I'll be sad to drop off at daycare this morning!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Advice wanted!

I'm here to find out if you, my readers, have any valuable advice to offer me in any or all of the following categories:

1. Upcoming weekend trip to Fredericksburg
Brian thoughtfully surprised me by suggesting a (childless) trip to Fredericksburg over Valentine's Day weekend. I've been once before for a day trip, but am mostly clueless about the town, so I'm calling on my (Texas) friends that have been to share your favorite places to shop, things to do, and most importantly, places to eat.

Disclaimer: I am not a wine fan (blasphemous, I know), so although I know there are plenty of good ones in the area, wineries are really not an ideal option!

2. Master bathroom remodel
1.5 years after moving into our house, we are finally ready to tackle the project of remodeling our master bathroom (or rather, of having someone else remodel our master bathroom). I am really terrible with interior decorating and don't have an eye for this kind of thing, so any and all suggestions about shower tile, floor tile, counter tops, and paint colors are welcome!

Hard to tell, but those beauties are, indeed, sea shell-shaped sinks.

The biggest issue for me is that we want a door between the bedroom and the bathroom (Dear 1980s Builder, WHY did you think it was ok to not include a door?!). But because of the cabinets, we won't be able to install a normal door, so the contractor has suggested a wall mounted sliding barn door. I'm having trouble conceptualizing it, though, and so far this is the only picture that offers a look I'm even remotely ok with:

And actually, I don't like the hardware on this one- just the door itself. Help!

3. Twins' "Big Kid" Bedroom Ideas
As long as I'm obsessing about one room in the house, I might as well throw in another, right? The twins are still sleeping in their cages cribs, and although I'd like to keep it that way until they're 18, we'll probably move them into twin beds (still sharing a room) some time in the coming months.

I'm not planning to go crazy with a theme or anything, so basically I just want to find bedding and go from there. I'd like to stick with the current color scheme (green as the main color with brown accents for him and pink accents for her), and it would be nice if it's something Clara could keep when the room eventually becomes just hers. Thoughts?

TIA (that's short for "thanks in advance," but apparently it's also short for "Transient Ischemic Attack," which is another term for a mini-stroke. So that's neat.)!

Monday, January 18, 2016

My 2015 non-resolution update/follow-up for 2016

After I listed out my non-resolutions for 2015 around this same time last year, I'm certain that all of you spent the remainder of the year wondering which ones I stuck with and which ones I didn't. Well wonder no longer, my internet friends, because I'm hear to share the outcome of each with you:

Non-resolution #1: Lift weights at least 1x/week.
Outcome: Failure. Major failure.
Follow-up for 2016: While I do feel guilty about not making more of an effort on this one, I don't feel convicted enough to do any better in 2016, so I'm just going to settle for a future of osteoporosis... and flabby arms.

Non-resolution #2: Stop cussing.
Outcome: Mostly a failure. I started off the year strong, but then I continued to parent two strong-willed toddlers and my resolve disappeared. They won. For the record, I did not have this problem prior to having children.
Follow-up for 2016: My aim for 2016 is to improve my language in general, and this includes not cussing (particularly out of anger). I'm also trying to stop using the word "hate" (even when it's in a seemingly harmless context). Here's my new theme song:

Non-resolution #3: Go to a Girls' Night Out movie.
Outcome: Success! Allison, Brittnie, and I saw You've Got Mail a few months ago.
Follow-up for 2016: This is a fun idea and we enjoyed ourselves, but it's a bit of a hassle for a weeknight activity, so I probably won't be trying again unless it's a can't-miss movie.

Non-resolution #4: Eat a meal alone with Brian at least 2x/month.
Outcome: Semi-success! I didn't necessarily keep tabs on this each month, but we definitely got out without the kids at least twice a month, and even though many of our dates were with other people, it was still beneficial to escape.
Follow-up for 2016: More of the same. I'm also hoping we can plan one weekend getaway for the Spring and one again in the Fall.

Pic from a quadruple date we had this year- fact: dates are always more fun when you're matching

Non-resolution #5: Find a regular doctor and get a basic physical.
Outcome: Success! I did this back in August and was thankful to get a clean bill of health.
Follow-up for 2016: Get another physical and maybe find a doctor I connect with a little better.

Non-resolution #6: Get involved in some form or fashion at church.
Outcome: Success! This is the non-resolution that I'm most grateful to have actually accomplished. We started attending a church last January, joined a small group almost immediately, and officially became members in August. We also started volunteering at the childcare registration desk and have since both joined two separate committees, so I'd say this one is done and done.
Follow-up for 2016: Continue to get to know our small group better and stay involved.

Small group Christmas party

For all other goals I hope to accomplish in 2016, check out my 25 before 32 list - I still have 16 left, eek!