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Monday, March 2, 2015

A little bit off

This past weekend was anything but average for a number of reasons:

1. The dress debate. I came across it on facebook on Thursday just before bed, and I kid you not, I woke Brian up to look at it to make sure I wasn't insane. For the record, he affirmed my belief that it was, in fact, blue and black. When I showed it to him again the next morning, however, he suddenly declared that it was white and gold, as did Allison, at which point I began to question my whole life. How was it possible that the two people I trust most in this world and go to most often for advice were both so horribly WRONG?

I breathed a smug sigh of relief when it was the revealed that the dress is, in fact, blue and black, but it didn't stop me from obsessively reading and talking about it for the duration of Friday. And yes, I'm well aware of what the fact that I'm so insistent about there being a right and wrong answer to this debate says about me!

2. My mom came to visit! We (adults and kids included) were all excited to have her in town and enjoyed the added entertainment... and excuse to eat out and shop. But because I didn't think she'd really enjoy watching episodes of Gilmore Girls or balancing our budget, my normal weekend activities were somewhat altered. I did, however, manage to drag her to the grocery store with me at 8 pm on Saturday night. I know what you're thinking, and yes, my life is one continuous wild and crazy party.

Please note the sign above her- deep thoughts by Banana Republic

3. Last, but certainly not least, poor little Clara was sick. She started feeling bad on Thursday afternoon, and spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday reaching new levels of pitifulness. We finally took her to the urgent care clinic yesterday and left with a somewhat unhelpful diagnosis of a stomach bug. This is just different than the other stomach bugs she's caught in the past in that it has lasted much longer and the symptoms are different (I'll spare you the details).

Needless to say, I have about 300 pictures on my phone just like this:

With the saddest being this one: 

Meanwhile, Colby could not have been in a better mood. He was as busy as ever and seemed to be picking up the slack for her by being twice as active and twice as chatty. And even though I was sad for his poor sissy, it was nice getting to spend some one-on-one time with him when Brian was on Clara duty.

So here's to hoping this week gets off to a much more normal start, and in particular, that Clara wakes up feeling like a brand new woman toddler this morning! 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Things currently providing excitement for my family

Currently providing excitement for Colby: FIRE TRUCKS!

Currently providing excitement for Clara: STICKERS!

Currently providing excitement for Mommy: COOKIE BUTTER AT HEB!

Currently providing excitement for Daddy: KENNY & WARREN G MASH-UP!

What can I say? We're easy to please.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Why my husband is awesome

I would not describe myself as a positive person. Sometimes my overly-discerning (that sounds nicer than "negative") outlook works to my advantage, but unsurprisingly, more often than not, it serves only to rain on my parade and the parades of those around me. No one falls victim to my parade-ruining more than Brian, unfortunately, and saint that he is, it very rarely seems to ruffle his feathers.

So in writing a blog post about why he is awesome, I could keep it simple by just pointing out that he puts up with me AND usually does so with a smile on his face. But I'd like to give him a little more credit than that, so allow me to share a few recent examples:

1. He developed a cough a week or so ago and in an effort to avoid keeping me up at night, he camped out in the guest bedroom upstairs (next door to the twins and without a ceiling fan!) for a few nights. Had the situation been reversed, I most certainly would have staked a claim on our bed and kicked him out.

2. And on a related note, one of the nights when he was upstairs, I heard Clara crying frantically on the monitor and then heard him shushing her. I assumed he had gone in to calm her down and left, and so I went back to sleep. A few minutes later, he came in the room to tell me that she had actually thrown up and he needed to change his shirt so he could start the laundry. So let's recap: while he was sick, he got up with her, cleaned her up, changed her sheets, and put everything in the washing machine, all without waking me up to help.

3. In addition to being selfless and a great daddy, he is also very resourceful, as evidenced by this little set-up I found on our bathroom counter after his trip to the doctor to address that pesky cough:

That would be (1) the bottle of cough syrup, (2) a shot glass with his fraternity's logo on it, and (3) a syringe that came with one of the twins' prescription medications. I would have assumed there were measuring instructions involving use of the cap, but either that wasn't the case, or he was just feeling creative. Either way, it made me laugh.

4. Yesterday, Brian spent the twins' nap time (aka: the most sacred hours of the day) helping me prepare dinner for the week and then raking up leaves in the backyard with his dad. And in case you're wondering how big of a task that was, allow me to show you a nice before/after:
I know I don't say it nearly enough, but I love him very much and am so thankful for the many ways in which he makes my life easier, better, funnier, and more wonderful. And now my challenge to YOU is to share one great thing about your husband/wife in the comments. And... go!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Just the two, er, four of us

Oh, Valentine's Day, my how you have changed since our pre-children life. I wouldn't say our day was magical and romantic... in fact, I wouldn't even describe some points of it as enjoyable (I'm looking at you, toddler tantrums x 2). 

Admittedly I had a hard time hiding my disappointment about the fact that what used to be such a special day for us (cheesy and manufactured or not!) was stressful and chaotic, but wonderful husband that he is, Brian didn't hold my selfishness against me and made an effort to redeem the day where possible. The highlight was getting to eat lunch on the back porch (thank you, beautiful early Spring weather!) alone while the twins napped... and then watching a few episodes of "Gilmore Girls" (aka: my current love language) until they woke up.

Anyway, imperfections aside, we enjoyed spending the weekend with those we love most. And as a bonus, we both have the day off from work today and the twins' daycare is open, so we will, in fact get a day to ourselves!

Now let's recap the weekend, shall we?

Posted this on facebook but how could I not share it again? Someone thought it was a baby announcement at first- ha! 

I didn't put together a Pinterest-worthy treat for Colby and Clara's classmates, but I did find these cute (free!) printables online!

Our little Valentines testing out Davis's hand-me-down bike after their party- doesn't Colby look happy that we stopped pushing them to take this picture? 

Thank you, Lord, for grandparents that live close by and are more than happy to babysit when we ask! We enjoyed a pre-Valentine's Day triple dinner date with the Olivers and the Blackburns and then a movie with the Olivers. (1) First movie we saw in a theater since our mini-babymoon in February 2013 (2) Am I the only person in America that didn't realize "American Sniper" was based on a true story...? Yes, I live under a rock.

Brian took Clara to pick out flowers and in the meantime, I got some rare one-on-one time with this sweet little guy, who was very much in love with his new giant stuffed puppy!

It looks like they're fencing here, but if you look closely, Colby was handing Clara a flower :)

My three sweet Valentines + Colby's puppy

Took a little walk to Starbucks after naps to get some pink cake pops- love Clara's face in this one!

They aren't holding hands here, but let's please pretend that they are.

He was so smitten with those ducks that he almost chased them into the lake more than once!

Family pic at the park! 

Fast forward to Sunday: playing in the sandbox at a friend's birthday party

Checking themselves out in the reflection on the ceiling at dinner

Semi-impromptu visit from Pop Pop and Clara was definitely enjoying his attention

So tell me: on a scale of 1-10, how similar would you say this weekend was to our Valentine's Day weekend 2009? In case you don't want to re-read it, the highlights include picking out a new dress at the Galleria, dinner at a trendy restaurant, and a hotel stay in town. 

But seriously, thank you to Brian, Colby, and Clara for showing me every day what love really is!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Less depressing thoughts from a working mom

So when I shared this blog post on Wednesday, I totally should have included a caveat: while I do relate to the isolation that sometimes comes with being a working mom, I don't necessarily share in the author's somewhat mopey perspective.

Believe it or not, I actually enjoy being a working mom most of the time, but being that most of my friends are stay-at-home moms, it is easy to feel sorry for myself from time to time, and even to feel left out. I will clarify, though, that I don't typically feel left out because my SAHM friends don't include me; but rather, I'm simply not able to participate in a lot of the activities they do and therefore can't always relate to what they're experiencing.

On the flip side, that also means I don't have to deal with some of the same struggles that they do, like never having any time to myself or having hourly fights about things like wearing shoes or not drawing on the carpet. As a working mom friend and I were recently discussing, the grass really is always greener and I don't think there's any perfect option (but as she mentioned, staying at home and having a part-time nanny sounds pretty darn perfect).

Anyway, I found another blog post floating around facebook yesterday that shared some of the pros of being a working mom (specifically as it pertains to having your kids in daycare), and as a bonus, it was also much more upbeat! So I now share with you: My Kid Goes to Daycare {And I Don't Feel Bad About It}.

I especially like the last point about how taking your child to daycare helps you let go of control. This is really true with any childcare or school situation, but when your child is under someone else's care 45 hours a week, it takes it to a different extreme.

And so with that, I'll conclude this Friday the 13th/day before Valentine's Day post that has nothing to do with either one. Happy heart day weekend to you all!

Throwback pic from the Mother's Day celebration at daycare last year

The twins' new teacher is great about sharing pictures and videos of them with me on facebook- here's a collage she made of Clara a few weeks ago!

Colby's a little more minimalistic with his art