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Monday, November 13, 2017

Why do I feel like I'm perpetually catching up?

Why hello there, readers, and hello there, mid-November! I know you're all pretty upset that I left you hanging after doing a post about pre-Halloween and then never following up with a recap of the actual Halloween happenings. That was incredibly insensitive of me.

The highlights: I stuffed my face at my department's annual Halloween breakfast and also took a half day of vacation, which meant I got to attend the twins' party at daycare. Once Brian got off work, we met up with the Olivers for dinner and trick-or-treating, which was a bit of a bust because of the rain. We headed back to our 'hood to finish up trick-or-treating and wrapped up just in time for Brian to watch the World Series while I sorted through and implemented the mom tax on the twins' candy.

We finished up the week with the twins' last soccer game, where it was clear both of them were ready for the season to be over (though Clara admitted later she was sad to be done and wants to play again soon... we'll see if that continues to be true)! 

Me: "Colby and Clara, smile! ... Please smile at the camera!... Ok just please look in the direction of the camera."

The twins also went to a birthday party for one of their daycare friends and I couldn't get over how much Clara and the birthday girl looked like they were 15 in this first picture:

This past week was also full of excitement as the twins had their first ever field trip! I remember when they were in the Infant room many moons ago and I saw a group of the Pre-K kids in their matching purple shirts heading off to a field trip and I thought to myself, "The twins will never be that old." Well not only did they get that old, but they did it a million times faster than I expected.

Anyway, they went to the library and although no books were actually read, apparently, they had a great time and are looking forward to more adventures with their pals.

Girls versus...


We were relieved not to have soccer this past weekend as it meant we got to take it a little easier on Saturday (though thanks to the time change, the twins were still up bright and early). Our friends opened up the cutest new coffee shop the day before, so we headed over to their neck of the woods to check it out. If you live out this way, go check out Holy Roast Coffee - you won't regret it (also, make sure to stop by the super cute children's boutique nextdoor!)

Clara chose chocolate milk and a side of sass

Brian had a nitro cold brew (whatever that means) and loved it... as did the Transformer in the foreground, of course.

Colby had a ginger orangeade (an original!) and I had dark circles under my eyes a hot chocolate, since coffee isn't my thing

Thanks to our ever faithful babysitters, Mimi and Granddaddy, Brian and I got to enjoy a night out with friends on Saturday celebrating a birthday at a local winery/brewery and it was awesome! Having uninterrupted adult time is obviously nice, but the cool venue was an added bonus- another place I recommend you locals check out some time.

We have a busy week ahead with pre-Thanksgiving happenings and, oh yeah, work/life in general... looking forward to a short week and some time with family next week to give us all some down time!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Halloween pre-partying

Halloween may still be a day away, but we've already done plenty of celebrating. We kicked things off on Thursday when Clara's dance studio had costume night at dance class- it was pretty precious! Also precious (although not pictured) was Colby, who insisted on also wearing his costume while he watched.

My mom came into town (along with a glorious cold front) on Friday, just in time for us to go to our first Fall festival at a local church. Brian actually didn't join us because he was cheering on the Astros at game 3 of the World Series.

[Crazy side note: he had really been wanting to go and was legitimately considering spending an inordinate amount of money on a standing room only ticket to one of the games. Well on Friday morning, he called into a sports radio show that he listens to and won a pair of tickets for Saturday's game! Not an hour later, his sister found out she won a pair of tickets from a separate contest for Friday night's game, and she graciously invited him to join... so yes, he got to see TWO of the World Series games for free!!]

 Top: Brian and Shannon at Friday's game
Bottom: Brian and his dad at Saturday's game

Anyway, back to the Fall festival. It was chilly, but there were games to play, bounces houses to jump in, and most importantly, there was a massive supply of candy being handed out, so the twins were as happy as can be!

It was FRIGID on Saturday morning (by south Texas standards, anyway- temperatures were in the low 40s), but the twins had a soccer game so we all bundled up and headed to the fields. Colby was not having the cold weather and the team didn't have its best game, but I, for one, thought it was nice not to melt during the game for a change.

It's hard to tell, but I tied Clara's braids with candy corn ribbons because I am awesome like that.

Love these 3 buddies- between daycare, soccer, and church, they literally see each other 7 days a week!

My dad made it into town that morning in time to see the twins' game and Davis's baseball game- here are all the cousins bundled up with Franny and Pop Pop!

Clara and I headed to Avery's birthday party on Saturday afternoon (which happened to be at Clara's dance studio)- it was a mermaid theme so Clara was excited for yet another opportunity to sport a costume during the weekend!

Saturday evening was... special. It was night 2 of solo parenting at bedtime, aka: the most challenging part of the day. The twins were in unpleasant moods and therefore so was I. The evening ended with all 3 of us in tears at one point or another, so I was certainly happy when they were asleep and I was able to call it a day myself. 

I had high hopes that Sunday would go better since Brian would be with me to help all day, and although there were plenty of enjoyable moments, it proved another challenging parenting day that once again had me in tears. If anyone has pointers on parenting defiant 4-year-olds (specifically of the male variety), please send them my way :/.

After my parents headed out of town and we all had a little bit of down time, we headed to another Fall festival at another church in the afternoon. The weather was perfect and we actually all had a good time! 

As Clara would say, we found a real "uni-torn!"

We finished the evening with pumpkin carving, and by we, I mean that Brian spent 1.5 hours tracing, cutting, gutting, etc. while I once again wrangled the children. This was not a good idea in hindsight, BUT he did do a great job on the pumpkins: Snow White & Optimus Prime, in keeping with the twins' costume choices for the year!

I'm hopeful that tomorrow holds more of the high points and less of the low points, but also trying to keep realistic expectations given that excessive sugar and overtired children will be involved. Hope you all have a happy Halloween!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Photo an hour - Saturday, 10/21/17

6-something AM: out for a run in the dark before the rest of the house is awake

7-something AM: Colby eating his favorite breakfast, a PB&J waffle; Clara had a sleepover at Avery's house so he was solo for the morning

8-something AM: another morning at the soccer fields; one of the coaches was out of town, so Brian (in the background) agreed to help - this pic is right before Clara scored a goal!

9-something AM: post-game huddle for the Golden Ninjas

10-something AM: Clara and I went on a mother/daughter outing to see a matinee showing of the "My Little Pony" movie (which was really, really dumb, but she liked it, so there's that)

11-something AM: Yep, the pony gang was all there.

12-something PM: time for lunch!

1-something PM: crafting

2-something PM: reading through the latest library selections

3-something PM: finally showered and gave myself a manicure because I'm fancy like that

4-something PM: Hallelujah, the babysitters have arrived!

5-something PM: en route to Galveston for a wedding

6-something PM: how beautiful is this bride and her sweet daughter (who is one of the twins' BFFs at daycare)?

7-something PM: pretty sure this was mid-way through Brian's second trip to the buffet... to say he enjoyed the menu (Cajun-inspired) would be an understatement

8-something PM: beignets for the dessert - best idea ever!

9-something PM: sweet Berkeley was finally starting to run out of steam when we left

10-something PM: listening to the Astros game- this was the exact moment they won!

11-something PM: tucking in the littles before turning in for the night ourselves