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Monday, May 18, 2015

Non-highlights and links

I do not have any fun pictures to share from this past weekend because, well, nothing fun and exciting really took place. I will summarize the highlights for you as proof:

- Clara spiked a fever on a few different occasions. She was otherwise acting fine, but as a result, our only plans for the weekend (dinner with friends on Saturday and church on Sunday) were cancelled. This means we spent a loooot of time at home and inventing additional errands to run. And on that note, thank you, Lord Jesus, for the free dessert samples at Target.

- Colby literally ate himself sick yesterday at Chipotle. He walked up to me once we got home and said, "Mama?" and before I even turned around, he just barfed right onto the kitchen cabinet and my foot. Thankfully he seemed a-ok and promptly ran over to grab his snack cup and start stuffing his face with Cheerios. Meanwhile, the dogs proceeded to lick up all of the vomit. So if you ever start to think your standards are low, just think about that and you'll feel better about yourself.

- In the span of 48 hours, we ate food from Dairy Queen, Smashburger, Kolache Factory, and Chipotle. So basically, we should be commended for modeling such healthy delicious eating habits for our children.

- It rained. JK, that's not a highlight, because for the past 5-6 months, that's all it EVER does here anymore.

Since I don't have any pictures to share, I'll leave you with a few amusing articles I've read instead:

"In Defense of the Clean Mom" - This. Yes. "If I don't have time to clean my house, then I don't have time for a play date." And I'm sorry, but sticky floors gross me out. (Don't worry, I know there's a happy medium between these two camps- I just tend to be more comfortable in this camp than the other!)

"11 Things Every Type 'A' Person Wants You to Know" - #4 is my favorite because those who know me well know that basically everything is urgent to me... even relaxing (at the designated time, of course).

I actually sent this to my non-type-A husband and he responded by sending me this article: "10 Reasons You Should Be Glad You're Type B." If you're type A, like me, then don't bother reading it because it will only make you feel bad about yourself... and who has time for that? ;)

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Out of the mouths of toddlers

I guess this shouldn't surprise me, but now that the twins are talking more, they are making us laugh more. And because this has undeniably turned into a "mommy blog," I feel compelled to share with you some of the more amusing things that have come out of their mouths lately:

- Colby has historically referred to Clara as "Rah-rah" and himself as "me." As of last week, he has started calling himself "Oh-bee." This isn't so much funny as it is cute, but I still secretly hope Clara continues to call him "Rah-rah" forever.

- If Clara points out one of her "boo-boos" to you (whether it's a scratch, bruise, or simply a smudge of dirt) and you respond by asking her what happened, her answer is always, "Rah-rah hit me!," regardless of what actually caused it. I never knew tattling (or lying, for that matter) started at such an early age, but apparently it does!

- One day when we were driving around recently, Colby declared, "Mama, Dada - Nack Head!" and we turned around to find him sitting in his car seat with his snack ("nack") cup on his head. He thought his trick was pretty hysterical and therefore now does it on a regular basis with whatever items he comes across in the car. Here's proof:

I present you with "Truck Truck Water Head"

And wouldn't you know that Clara picked up on the trick, too...

- And speaking of the car, I have apparently done something right as a parent, because thanks to a few dance parties we've had to "Shake It Off" at home, both of the twins have been asking for "more Shake Shake" every time we get in the car lately. I get the impression that Brian isn't as thrilled about this development as I am ;)

- And lastly, my favorite two anecdotes, both of which occured at dinner on Mother's Day:

(1) The waiter walked up to our table at one point and asked, "Is everything ok?" Before any of us could answer, Clara glared at him and yelled, "NO!" Apparently home girl was out of beans and rather than waste time using her parents as the middle men, she decided to go straight to the source. He looked a little startled, but you better believe he brought her more beans.

(2) A few minutes later, when we weren't paying attention, the hostess walked by our table and Colby handed her his empty bowl and said, "Beans?" She, like the waiter, was taken aback but I mean, we have to give them props for being so assertive, right?

Please feel free to share your amusing kid moments in the comments (so I don't feel like as much of a dork for sharing mine...)!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day revisited

I know what you're all wondering after last week's post, so to answer your question, yes, of course my Mother's Day weekend was perfect, peaceful, relaxing, and free of stress and frustration. The kids behaved like angels, cooperated for all pictures, and obviously I never lost my cool.

Ok, so that may not have been the case, but I can use pictures to pretend it was, and one day when I'm old and senile and can't remember anything, I'll come back and believe it. (Except that's not entirely true, because I'm pretty sure the agony of Clara's public temper tantrum on Saturday evening is forever etched in my brain and will overcome even severe dimentia.)

But in all seriousness, imperfections aside, we enjoyed our weekend and Brian did a great job of making me feel loved and appreciated... and perhaps almost as importantly, he handled all of the dirty diapers on Sunday ;)

We had no plans for Saturday morning, so we decided to be productive and tend to some of the windows in the house that had yet to be "treated." Loved this pic of Colby watching Brian in action, especially because he went and grabbed that stool and climbed up there all by himself- he thinks he is such a big boy!

Colby and his Granddaddy after an early Mother's Day dinner with Brian's family on Saturday

A classic picture of our always opinionated (and never afraid to share it) little Clara after dinner... approximately 1.5 hours after The Tantrum That Shall Not Be Named (accompanied by Mommy's Meltdown That Shall Not Be Named)

According to Brian, the flowers are from Colby and the chocolates are from Clara- they've got great taste!

Left: me with the twins in May 2013
Right: me with the twins in May 2015
(I e-mailed Allison this side-by-side and the subject line read, "RIP, Cleavage" - you're welcome for that)

I know I post a lot of pictures in this same pose, but bedtime with these two really is my favorite time of the day, and with smiles like these, how could I not?

Not pictured: thoughtful gifts from Brian, our moms, my SIL, and even a sweet friend that knew I was having a tough week; a tasty breakfast prepared by Brian, a pedicure + shopping with my sis, and a deliciously unhealthy Mexican food dinner with the Olivers

I know Mother's Day isn't the easiest holiday for everyone- whether you've lost a child, lost a mom, are still holding out hope to one day be a mom, or if you're simply a mom that's weary from this exhausting (but wonderful) job- so I hope that if Sunday brought more tears than smiles, you can be comforted in knowing that today is a new day!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Mother's Day musings from an imperfect mom

So as most of you have already heard, I've had kind of an annoying week. Nothing major has gone wrong, but a series of little frustrations have culminated and convinced me that (a) my children are on a mission to send me to the insane asylum and (b) I'm inadequate as a mother.

And fittingly, yesterday, my pity party reached its peak following the Mother's Day Tea at the twins' daycare. I should have expected as much... things never go well when the two of them are both competing for my attention, and especially at the end of the day when they are both extra in need of attention.

Clara was (as usual) extra clingy and flipped her lid any time I tried to put her down or walk away. And having her stuck to me like a koala bear made it pretty difficult to show Colby any affection, which made him mad and resulted in a series of mini-tantrums and aggressive behavior, including hitting Clara in the face twice when I told him he couldn't have a SIXTH cookie.

I finally decided to cut my losses and head home, but when I had to put Clara down so I could corral Colby out of the Director's office (with my arms also full of all of their stuff), she threw herself on the floor and started screaming. Colby then attempted to run into the very busy parking lot while Clara continued screaming, at which point a sweet friend came to my rescue and helped me carry them to the car.

I finally got them both loaded into the car (during which time Clara managed to bite Colby, resulting in more screaming) and once I buckled myself in, the weight of my discouragement came crashing down and all I could do was cry. Because I felt embarrassed. Because I felt incapable. Because I felt overwhelmed. Because I felt like surely all of my children's bad behavior was 100% my fault and surely all of the other moms and teachers thought the same.

Understatement of the century: being a mom is HARD. I generally feel like I'm able to rise to the occasion when given a task, but with this job, some days I feel like I just can't do it. Like I'm not cut out for parenting and that the twins have figured it out and are trying their best to force me into surrendering.

When the twins were babies, a friend shared some advice (that her mom gave her, of course!): she said that if we were perfect parents and could fulfill every need our children ever had, then they would never realize their need for God. And in that same vein, I think that if it weren't for raising children (and how terribly awful I am at it sometimes), I might not realize my own need for His grace.

And so with that, on this Mother's Day, I'm going to try to be thankful for my inadequacy, and remember that even though God didn't make me the perfect mom, he made me the perfect mom for Colby and Clara. And in case you're in the same boat, I pray that you would remember the same!

But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me. - 2 Corinthians 12:9

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Celebrate good times

To Whom it May Concern:

Please pardon my absence yesterday. My husband and I took a vacation day to recover from our celebration hangovers- and no, I'm not referring to the standard alcohol-induced hangover; but rather, the type of hangover that occurs when one has overindulged in celebratory occasions.

This week, we plan to "recover" by celebrating Cinco de Mayo and Mother's Day. Then we'll take a short breather until yours truly catches up to Brian and turns the big 3-2 at the end of the month (along with my other other half, that is).

So let's review this past weekend and try to pretend you didn't read about most of this in Allison's post yesterday. The highlights include:

An impromptu Friday morning photo shoot because 6:45 am is always an ideal time to capture your toddlers sporting coordinated neon striped attire, right?

A members' event at the zoo, wherein we indulged in free ice cream, enjoyed free carousel rides, and managed to see 3-4 actual animals before hightailing it home for bedtime in the name of preserving everyone's sanity.

A birthday party for a sweet friend (also named Clara!), wherein we played with friends, cousins, and most importantly, toys that aren't our own and are therefore a million times more exciting.


A family birthday dinner for Davis, wherein I took zero pictures because I was too busy eating everything in sight enjoying time with my wonderful family and watching the kids live it up in the bounce house the twins got for their birthday (thanks again, Franny & Pop Pop!).

A birthday for Brian, wherein we enjoyed tasty meals with family, opened lots of thoughtful gifts, and the birthday boy spent a few hours playing Top Golf with the guys. 

What better way to start your big day than Starbucks and kolaches on a "You are special today" plate?

Delirious twins before naptime (shortly after forcing Mommy to make an early exit from birthday lunch to take them home because they were acting like tiny terrorists)

Thankfully a few of them complied with my request for pictures (and how cute that they were coordinating?)

Yes, yes we did.

See why a day off was so necessary??