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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Fewer words than normal Wednesday

I have a few pictures from the weekend that I want to post, but am feeling too unmotivated to tie them together with anything other than captions, so basically this is like "Wordless Wednesday"... except with some words. 

My parents were in town this weekend and my mom had a good time watching for birds outside the front window with the twins (PS- Clara, way to rebel and wear polka dots instead of stripes.)

Franny also relived the glory days of mine and Allison's childhood by getting stuck (literally) in the middle of a twin fight. This particular fight was over a very serious issue: mini marshmallows. 

While Colby was unwilling to share his marshmallows with Clara, he had no issue giving some to Pop Pop. 

I'm sorry, but how cute is this little girl?

Big girl testing out the big girl swing

And brother following suit

We celebrated Brian's sister's birthday at Pappasito's on Saturday and someone was apparently sleepy...

... not too sleepy, however to take a few bites out of the raw tortilla dough that the waiter brought out before the meal for the twins' entertainment.

I'm sure one kid has fun alone in the bathtub but I have to think it's not as much fun as these two have together.

The twins both insisted they were done with breakfast on Sunday after only eating a few bites. Once removed from their high chairs, they scurried promptly over to examine the Christmas tree, and then came back to the kitchen and demanded the rest of the food they hadn't eaten (which we served to them on the floor because we're awesome parents). 

Colby watching one of my all-time favorite Christmas movies in his rocket ship jammies

After a busy end to the week, I declared that Sunday would be "take it easy day"... and then I remembered that we live with two toddlers and will probably not take it easy again for another 18 years. Case in point: this would be Clara having a meltdown about something that was "MIIIIIINE" [hers]!

How much longer will they think helping with yardwork is fun, I wonder?

My two favorite guys playing at the (very cool) playground on yet another unseasonably warm December day

Best friends forever

The new Rudy's just opened up in Sugar Land last week, which basically makes Brian's life complete. I also don't think he's sad about the fact that he ended up eating most of Colby's banana pudding in addition to his own.

Monday, December 15, 2014

"Vacation" days

I think it's safe to say I have already come close to ODing on the holidays. Don't get me wrong- I'm enjoying every twinkle-filled moment of Christmastime and all the festivities it entails, but good gracious, this is exhausting! First world problems, I know.

I do indeed have a picture of the dress I referenced in my last post, but I indeed did not end up wearing lipstick. Try not to focus on my pale lips and instead focus on the fact that I'm an adult taking a picture alone in front of a Christmas tree... with my hand on my hip. 

Like a selfie, only more awkward!

Brian and I had a fun kid-free night at the Radio City Christmas Spectacular- I would highly recommend checking it out if it's in your area! It was a fun Christmas event and the entire show only lasted 1 hour and 45 minutes, including a 15-minute intermission, so it wasn't so long that we were anxious for it to end (or so long that we had to stay up too far past bedtime).

We both took a vacation day on Thursday and miraculously, it went exactly as planned! We all slept in and then the twins went in late to daycare. Brian and I then spent SIX HOURS shopping at one of the outlet malls, which I would also highly recommend because weekday shopping meant not having to deal with Christmas shopping crowds.

We finished off the day by checking out Sugar Land Holiday Lights. Once again, weeknight = no crowds, and the kids had a great time, with the highlight being two trips around the carousel (during one of which Colby rode a turtle... since when were there turtles on carousels?!).

And as if the carousel ride wasn't exciting enough, we also made a cameo on the local news! And two people we knew actually saw it! We haven't had any fan mail arrive just yet, but I'm certain it will be here any day now.
See that shadowy kid on a guy's shoulders behind me? That would be Wade and Davis. We apparently did an awesome job of eclipsing Allison completely from this shot.

I also took a vacation day on Friday with grand plans to have some "me" time and tackle important tasks like wrapping Christmas presents. Unfortunately, it did not go exactly as planned because a certain sweet little sidekick of mine woke up with a fever (yes, again).

I didn't get nearly as much accomplished as I had hoped, but I enjoyed some extra one-on-one time with my favorite little lady and it was nice not to have to stress over missing work to keep her at home since I was already off for the day anyway.

The daycare was actually having a Christmas caroling program that afternoon at the same time as Clara's appointment with the pediatrician (spoiler alert: no explanation for the fever- probably just a random virus), so Brian graciously took over Clara duty so I could watch Colby "perform."

Just like at the Thanksgiving program, he kept his game face on and didn't bother participating in the actual singing. He didn't actually spot his fan club (Allison & the kids came, as did my mom) at first, but once he did, he decided to crawl slowly over to me, as if the teachers wouldn't notice if he did it that way- ha!

So there you have it: "vacation" days in the life of a working mom. I'm taking another day off this Friday so please say your prayers that everyone stays well so mommy can be lazy and self-indulgent productive before Christmas comes!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Fighting porcupines (and getting a break from them)

Brian e-mailed the Dilbert comic-of-the-day to me yesterday and I could relate all too well:

(I can also totally relate to that lady's hairstyle, which looks suspiciously like the poop emoji on the iPhone.)

Fighting porcupines in a salt mine = possibly a more relaxing activity than wrangling the twins on some evenings. Especially evenings after which neither of them have napped well at daycare. (On a semi-related note, we were informed at pick-up yesterday that Clara was having a "fussy" day and at one point took off her boot and started beating her classmate with it. I have no words.)

But, you see, being at work is also its own kind of crazy, so each provides relief from the other. And this afternoon/evening, I actually get a break from both because of my company's Christmas party and one of Brian's company's Christmas events! I'm excited for a night out on the town but (lame mom confession) also a little sad that I don't get to put the twins to bed.

I bought a new dress, painted my nails and toes, and if my friend/co-worker, Heather, gets her way, I might even trade my chapstick for actual lipstick... but don't count on it.

I'll be sure to report back on our child-free fun, but don't worry, I'll be back to over-posting pictures of my offspring in no time!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Five on Monday

You know how all of the cool bloggers do the "five on Friday" post where they share five random things on Friday? Well I'm not a cool blogger and this is not Friday, but... well... you get the idea.

1. Clara was sick... again! She spent the latter part of the week with a mysterious symptom-less fever. Well, unless you count being really pitiful as a symptom. It was nice to get to spend some alone time with her, but it was a bummer that she felt so crummy (and we had to miss work).

I did my best to pretend I was a legit SAHM by doing the following:
(1) wearing workout attire even though I wasn't working out
(2) going to Target (wherein my child REFUSED A FREE COOKIE SAMPLE... obviously sick)
(3) watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix during nap time

Fortunately she started feeling better on Friday, but was still pretty clingy throughout the weekend :o/

2. Sugar Land Farmers' market - Yes, Sugar Land has its very own farmers' market, and even though it is pretty small (and surprisingly lacking in actual produce?), it's not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning. We hit it up this weekend with the Olivers, and the highlights were (a) the stand selling kettle corn, and (b) the fire truck on display.

You can tell by our attire that we weren't exactly planning for a photo opp, but we ran into a friend and couldn't pass up a rare picture of all 8 of us!

She was not drunk, as this picture would suggest.

Firemen featured in calendars often don't wear shirts. My fireman opted not to wear his pants.

3. Hanging out with the twinkies - The highlight of every weekend, duh.

Not sure why, but leaning to one side or the other always results in lots of giggling. As does watching mommy and daddy dance.

We're doing our part to keep Amazon in business and the twins are loving it!

Just watching some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with Davis- Avery was busy practicing her walking skills and avoiding her destructive cousins/brother.

4. Pecan Grove Christmas lights - There's a neighborhood in the area that goes all out with Christmas decorations every year and we have an annual tradition of driving around to check them out. (I even devoted a whole blog post to it a few years ago!) This year was no exception, and although there was an increase in whining from the crowd in the backseat, there was also an increase in cuteness thanks to repeated "Ho Ho!" coming from the backseat whenever we spotted an inflatable Santa.

5. Cookie exchange - Two of my friends and I have been hosting an annual Christmas cookie exchange since 2010. It is always a blast, and most importantly, it is super low maintenance. I always fail to take pictures, for some reason, but all you need to know is that there were about 30 people there and each of those people brought 3 dozen cookies to share. So, basically an event for wannabe diabetics.

Aren't we festive?

So there's my list of five. Feel free to share your own!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Santa pics

Some of you will be jealous and some of you will be disappointed to learn that we paid Santa a visit prior to Thanksgiving. But I'm not even a little bit ashamed because we didn't have to fight the crowds or wait in a long line. And in my world, my impatience trumps my desire to be seasonally appropriate.

As a reminder, here's last year's picture:

Not too excited, but not terrified either.

My expectations for this year were low... considering offering the "wrong" color sippy cup is enough to set the twins off, I was under no illusion that forcing them to sit on the lap of a stranger would go without a protest. 

And protest, they did! Clara's flair for the dramatic did indeed deliver, as did Colby's ability to be pitiful. Enjoy:

And here's the winner: Merry (?) Christmas from the Joiner twins!

And because I'm a sucker devoted mom, I even shelled out $30+ for an unnecessary number of prints of this gem (wallet-sized snapshots of their terrorized faces included).

Here's an "after" shot once they had calmed down. Colby was clearly enjoying his souvenir "Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer" book that Santa gave him while Clara was suffering from a small case of PTSD.

And this was actually a "before" pic (clearly), but she looked too cute for me not to share.

So there you have it. And food for thought: is wearing an outfit with Santa's face on it when visiting Santa the child equivalent of wearing a band's t-shirt when going to see the band in concert? Discuss.